North Florida Gold Rush Spurs Record Heavy Equipment Sales

by on 16/01/13 at 11:08 am

Between John Deere excavator sales and buyers rushing over to Bloutstown's Porche dealership, local merchants are having a hard time keeping inventory in stock.

Between excavator sales and Porche buyers, local dealerships are having a hard time keeping inventory in stock. One lucky county worker found almost $4,500 in nuggetrs clearing a drainage ditch near Van Peebles property.

Blountstown, FL – (

Henry Miller is one busy man. His 34 year old John Deere dealership in Blountstown has skyrocketed to the position of number one in excavator sales in the whole Southeast because of the recent gold strike on Parker’s Creek. Miller Equipment Sales recently sold its 27th John Deere 220D excavator in a six-week period.

The sleepy town of Blountswtown was recently economically rocked when local part-time farmer Van Peebles discovered gold on his property. Not just any small strike, but one so major the State of Florida feels gold revenues will cause the retraction of the state’s 6% sales tax and a windfall for all Florida citizens as revenue sharing checks are scheduled to be distributed to all citizens who lived in the state for the past 20 years. The average Citizen Return Check is expected to be around $1,200 per person.

Estimated to yield between $124 and $156 billion dollars in annual revenue over the next three years, allowed Gov. Rick Scott to break the fiscal good news to a state hit hard by the Obama recession during the past four years.

Other business interests in the panhandle area have benefited as well….real estate, employment, lodging, trucking, construction, housing, food purveyors, and an upstart of saloons and brothels in more rural areas. The economic impact will be felt for years to come as more lucky propectors extract tons of high grade ore from the Florida sandy soil.

Last September, local farmer Van Peebles stumbled upon a 4oz gold nugget while walking his dog along Parker’s Creek. Further exploration showed a vast supply of hidden nuggets in a nearby spring. Though Peebles kept the news under his hat, word leaked out in November causing what’s being called the Second Klondike Gold Rush!

Senior citizen and past mayor of Blountstown, Earl Cunningham, recently sold his 56 acre homestead for a reported $125 million dollars to a gold exploration firm out of Canada who’s test drilling showed high promise for a quick gold returns on its investment. Galaxy Exploration says it will hire between 200-400 locals to help develop the gold field.

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