World’s Filthiest Restaurant Finally Closes

by on 28/04/14 at 7:08 am

Last May, a wedding reception for Madja and Ali  Mohammed was catered by Number One Wok resulting in 14 deaths and several severely infected large colons.

Last May, a wedding reception for Madja and Ali Mohammed was catered by Number One Wok resulting in 14 deaths and several severely infected large colons.

El Paso, TX – (

Planning on dining out tonight? You might want to pass on Chinese food at a popular El Paso eatery.

A west Texas restaurant has set the standard for disgusting dining on its latest health inspection, with a stomach-churning rating of just 19 out of a possible 100.

Number One Wok, on Route 10 in El Paso, Texas, voluntarily closed after the damning report, which cited the restaurant management for a wide range of nauseating violations, including:

* Storing cooked gyro meat and turkey on the cooler floor alongside raw chicken and fresh killed non-USDA goat meat
* Making Lo Mein sauce out of expired sour cream stored at room temperature for over 24 hours.
* Storing uncooked chicken, steak and cheese above safe temperatures without covering in a broken walk-in cooler.
* Using cooking and preparation utensils that were “unclean with film and debris”
* Roach races held in the dining room by the serving staff for customer amusement.
* Dishwasher being without hotwater for almost a year.
* Keeping open containers of unlabeled chemicals on the premises.
* Allowing cats and dogs to freely roam in the kitchen area.
* Failure to replace screen door screening allowing swarms of green-headed flies into the kitchen area.

Inspectors also cited the restaurant managers for coughing into their hands then handling food containers, licking gloves in order to provide a sticky surface to help separate plastic bags, non-use of hairnets, and serving expired Wanko syrup.

According to the April 23rd report from the West Texas Department of Food Handling and Health, the toilet in Number One Wok women’s bathroom didn’t work, and the restaurant appeared to allow smoking, in violation of clean air laws. The report also noted the restaurant used food coloring and MSG in its recipes.

No one answered calls for comment at Number One Wok.

This isn’t Number One Wok’s first run-in with health inspectors.

In 2013, the restaurant – which serves a variety of Chinese and Korean dishes, as well as Mexican food, pizza, fries and Philly cheese steaks – received a 19 out of 100 on its inspection. The restaurant was allowed to remain in business by addressing concerns of inspectors like removing the soiled cloth bath towels from the bathrooms and installing paper handtowel dispensers, refilling toilet paper at least twice a week, and discontinuing the practice of sharing kitchen space with a local automobile transmission rebuilder.

Number One Wok’s owner, Stanley Chen, says he’s not taking this lying down and plans to re-open a more upscale Mongolian Buffett in nearby Clark City sometime next year.

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  1. captain america

    Apr 28th, 2014

    ….bet he calls the new cafe “The 3-Legged Dog”

    other spokesman remained mum claiming
    ‘the tongue got me cat!”

  2. Jalapenoman

    Apr 28th, 2014

    The major problems with your story:
    1. El Paso is in west Texas, not South Texas.
    2. There is no “route 11” in or near El Paso (though there is an Interstate 10).
    3. In Texas, there is no State Department of Food Handling and Health. Various cities and counties have their own health departments and set their own guidelines (usually following the Federal Government or Serve Safe guidelines).
    4. There is no nearby Clark City.

    Otherwise, there are some really nasty places to eat in El Paso, especially in South El Paso or in the Lower Valley areas. The local Health Department comes down hard on the national chains, but little Mom and Pops seem to get away with murder.

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