EU Hits Apple With Donziger-Style Racketeering Lawsuit

by on 29/08/16 at 5:59 pm

Probably screwing with him because he's gay.

Probably screwing with him because he’s gay.

Brussels, Belgium, Arsehole Of The Universe – (

Not since Ecuadorian madman Rafael Correa tried pissing all over Chevron in a corrupt $19bn racketeering lawsuit comprehensively shot down by the US courts has an American corporation been targeted so cynically by shady foreign chancers gunning for a heist.

That’s the upshot of a top legal opinion tonight, M’Lud, amid headlines that a near-bankrupt European Union is attempting a shakedown of Apple’s hard earned billion$ after failing to collect the EU’s putative share of Ecuadorian booty from the collapsed Chevron lawsuit brought by NYC attorney Stephen Donziger.

Almost enough to make you weep.

Commenting on the fast-breaking developments a US Justice Department deep-throat noted that, ‘SatireWorld readers may recall how San Ramon, California-based super-major Chevron successfully sued Donziger via the RICCO – Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Clinton Organizations – Act’.

The court case established that Correa’s Ecuadorian government was scamming Chevron for billions – aided and abetted from a distance by bent a US Secretary of Snakes Mrs Hillary Clinton.

The rabid schemer – and current Democratic Party presidential nominee – is suspected of rubbing out sometime lover and ex-White House Deputy Counsel Vince Foster who mysteriously ‘suicided’ himself in a Virginia national park.

Stay tuned to this website for further developments as Apple’s awesome legal team puts up its dukes.

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