Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban…. Another Hillary Enabler Who Hasn’t A Clue

by on 31/08/16 at 6:08 am

Another rich guy political know-it-all...

Another rich guy political know-it-all who’s own ego makes it mandatory that he just has to be smarter than anyone else

Sen McCain on Shark Tank pitching his male appendage enhancer to Cuban who's own balls are almost as big as Hillary's.

Sen McCain on a recent installment of ABC’s Shark Tank pitched his Democrat Male Appendage Enhancer Kit to Mark Cuban who’s own male parts are almost as big as Hillary’s.

Dallas, TX – (

Monday night on “CNN Tonight,” supporter of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, said Clinton did nothing wrong because the person who set up her email should have set up “filters and alerts that said any email that came with a classified header.”

Now, a few more words from Cuban’s mouth that pretty much shows the guy’s a blabbering idiot when to comes to politics.

Cuban said, “No, I really don’t. I think she — look, if you’re not technical, which she obviously is not, she didn’t know how to get her email on her PC. What’s — and someone — you say, I want to do personal email. Well, first of all, it’s 2008 and back then Gmail was still in beta, and it was in the clear meaning it wasn’t protected by default. And so you go — look, I was in this business. My first career, my first company, all I did was install local area networks and messaging and email systems and I had my own personal server in my office until about 2010, and so I’ve been through this whole process. And so she talks to the admin who is responsible, she doesn’t know any better, and takes his or her advice.”

“I think it was a he,” he continued. “And it just so happens that he was given immunity by the Justice Department so we haven’t had a chance to hear any of this. But for that personal server, if that admin had done his job like I had done my job doing the same thing, I would have set up filters and alerts that said any email that came with a classified header or any of the determined classified markings like the little ‘c’ Director Comey mentioned, pop it out, right? You know, create an alert that says this shouldn’t be on this system and deal with it so that you don’t, you know, consume it in this way. But the administrator didn’t do it and she didn’t know to do it because the whole time she had a very specific process in place. If it is classified, print it out and let me deal with it in hard copy, which is why she had complete confidence to say, ‘I never dealt with anything marked classified.’”

Look Cuban, go back to shilling basketball and making more money. It seems you’re way better at promoting a sports team or bragging about your money grabbing skills than showing public support for a candidate that belongs in prison instead of on TV. We’ve watched your smug TV persona on Shark Tank for way too long and it’s really just boring and tiresome politics from your novice point-of-view.

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  1. Philbert of Macadamia

    Sep 6th, 2016

    Bigger Schmuck than Weiner!

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