Report: Nancy Pelosi Themed Sex Robot Fails To Wow Consumers

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Silicone Valley, California – (

Sex robot technology has become increasingly popular this year after Barcelona introduced the world’s first ever sex robot brothel, Lumidolls.

So while the cyborgs continue to rise and shock the world, US porn star Hunny Bunch sheds her light on what she worries could happen next.

She told Satire World today: “Robots will change how humans interact with each other. Manufacturers are signing personalities up to use their image for royalties. These new personality sex robots will change sex forever.”

Revealing what the dolls can do in the future, HunnyBunch added: “But sex robots won’t change how we interact with each other sexually any more than a really good vibrator does right now.

“I’m trying to explain that if the technology exists later, it will be in a lot of aspects of life that are much more important than sex like jobs for instance.”

Acme sex dolls from Pasadena California says it’s best seller is the Miley Cyrus model and their worst seller is the Nancy Pelosi model according to Sonny Philips Acme marketing manager.

“Sure, we get a lot of older Capitol Hill Republicans that wanna give old Nancy a good screwing and they buy a few here and there, but by far its the younger ones that sell the fastest. WEe already sold out of Paris Hilton models.”

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  1. Philbert of Macadamia

    Nov 2nd, 2017

    The Democratic National Committee (DNC) special ordered a dozen Hillary Clinton “Sex Robots” to give to their large money donors.

    None were accepted, even as Halloween gifts, for over 18 old trick or treaters!

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