Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson says…’The Flintstones Were First Gay A&E CableTV Characters’

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First Amendment rights only pertain to liberals, blacks, TV assholes, homosexuals, and communist inspired nitwits...If your a white male, good luck and be prepared to be challenged, ridiculed, and forever referred to as a second class citizen.

First Amendment rights only pertain to liberals, blacks, homosexuals, and communist inspired nitwits…If you’re a religious white male, good luck and be prepared to be challenged, ridiculed, and forever referred to as a second class citizen.

Monroe, LA – (

During his A&E imposed banning over a homosexual remark he made during a magazine interview, Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson recalls television’s first gay-themed TV show aimed specifically at children.

ROBERTSON: “Sure, you remember him. Yes, that adorable Fred Flintstone wearing his cave man outfit of an animal skin over one shoulder and hanging around with best friend Barney Rubble.”

Back in the 50s, the Flintstones were the modern age vision of a Stone Age family. Residing in the fictitious town of Bedrock, Fred Flintstone worked an unsatisfying quarry job on top of a dinosaur steam-shovel, for a bad-guy boss who squandered his labor to enhance his luxury cave on Knob Hill. But each evening Fred returned home to his lovely wife Wilma and eventually daughter Pebbles.

ROBERTSON: “Yeah, Fred, was a big fan of golf and bowling, also enjoyed bullying fairly stupid Barney Rubble (his neighbor), while Barney’s saucy and hot wife Betty was best friends with Wilma. The show convinced a generation of children that dinosaurs and humans occupied the planet at the same time.”

ROBERSTSON: “If’n you remember, for over a decade evening television blared out a familiar theme song…”

Flintstones, meet the Flintstones,
They’re a modern stone-age family.
From the, town of Bedrock, They’re a page right out of history.
Let’s ride, with the family down the street,
Through the courtesy of Fred’s two feet.
When you’re, with the Flintstones,
Have a yabba dabba doo time,
A dabba doo time,
You’ll have a gay old time!

Robertson might be on to something. Rutgers University’s Dr. Oscar Von Schittzlewagon has done over 7,000 hours of extensive research, and has viewed all 167 episodes of the Flintstones carefully. His conclusion has been compiled in his new, best-selling book, ‘Bedrock-Where Neanderthal Homosexuality Began.’
According to Dr. Von Schitlewagon, Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble were gay men as evidenced by the last line of the theme song…you’ll have a gay old time!

Von Schittlewagon believes the song lyrics contained a hidden message to 1960s closeted gays everywhere.
“ In episode 113, it clearly shows Fred being the dominant, gay male side of the relationship and Barney being the more feminine side of the pair. Further evidenced by the gown, wig, and women’s underwear Barney was wearing.”

NOTE: So, if the song lyrics were a gay message, please tell us what Yabba dabba doo really means?

EDITOR’S NOTE: To show your displeasure with A&E’s terrible treatment of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Roberston who just had his First Amendment Rights trampled by the gay supporting ultra-liberals, go to A&E website and send them an email and mention you won’t support their advertisers. Here’s the A&E link just look for the ‘feedback’ icon at the page bottom to send an email.

3 Responses to “Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson says…’The Flintstones Were First Gay A&E CableTV Characters’”

  1. captain america

    Dec 19th, 2013

    ….as usual with the militant ‘tribe’…give ’em an inch, they want the
    whole salami!

    Phil was stating his personal opinion and the ‘protected’ class showed their ‘anusmosity’…

    to the politically correct trying to over tun decades of accepted behavior and religious beliefs we say ‘BITE ME!”


  2. sparky

    Dec 19th, 2013

    First off I’m not Glaad I’m straight, the term gay at the time the Flintstones were on TV was a word meaning happy, fun, merry bright lively, it was NOT meant as homosexual ……. at that time, even the old movies of the 30’s 40’s and 50’s used the word gay the gay divorcee with Fred Astaire was an example. I just hope this government doesn’t seize all the old movies and has them change the wording.

    • Bargis

      Dec 20th, 2013

      Phil Robertson turned to the Lord after getting benched from “Duck Dynasty.”
      The pastor at White’s Ferry Road Church said this about Phil Robertson…”while everyone went crazy last night over Phil’s suspension, Phil was in the pews with his prayer group, praying for a woman who had been diagnosed with cancer.”
      Pastor Mike Kellett said Robertson didn’t even MENTION the TV show or the suspension since it was all about the sick woman. “Phil is doing his best to follow God’s word. He always treats people with love and respect.”

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