The Modern Day ‘Harvey Girls’….Harvey Weinstein’s Attempt To Screw The NRA On His Famous ‘Casting Couch’

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Notorious Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.  On main street he'd be called a pervert and sexual criminal...In Hollywood, he's an icon!

Notorious Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.
On main street he’d be called a pervert and sexual criminal…In Hollywood, he’s an icon!


Hollywood, CA – (

War on Women? Sexism? Wealth sharing? Gun control? Job equality? Liberalism? Yes, those are the talking points of today’s left, but the icons of the movement sing a different tune when it pertains to themselves and their personal attitudes. The true hypocrits in our modern culture attempt to bend traditional values and use people then discard them when their value has been diminished.

Ask yourself, What would you say if your young, impressionable, beautiful, talented daughter was propositioned for sex by her liberal boss? Ouraged? Demand accountability? Or rush out and buy her bosses’ product for your own personal enjoyment?

She could be in that profession where the sexism and sexual perversion is the norm and the the lessons are just as swift and harsh, but even more vivid and public: Membership in the Harvey Weinstein club.

Every few years, movie producer Harvey Weinstein picks a new girl as his pet. Yes, she has to be young and talent not all that important. He puts her in a picture or two, takes her to an event, dresses her in elegence, makes her a personal project, a ‘creation’ by the movie God himself.

The Harvey Girls are easily spotted. They are all very pretty, often in a rather generic sense…blonde, buxom, and an air of dramatic danger. Their instant fame and the push behind them comes seemingly out of nowhere and without any justification in terms of resume or acting skill set. Most obviously, at least as of 2007, they are clothed exclusively in Marchesa on the red carpet (the fashion line of Weinstein’s wife, Georgina Chapman). So if you were wondering why Harvey Weinstein seems only interested in actresses who dress like fairy princesses from Planet Sugarplum, it’s just his wife’s fault.

But the most telling sign, if you’re looking, is the Want. For each of these girls, there was an enormous PR push, proclamations of “it-girl” and “the next big thing” and then a fairly daunting silence that had to be devastating to these young women who really believed this was their “it.”

One of the Harvey Girls was Gwyneth Paltrow, and I suppose she’s what keeps the line long and wanton. But there can only be so many Gwyneths. There’s no shortage of Gretchens.

These girls, each of them, has the look of desperation, of need, of determination They WILL be famous. They WILL be stars. They are Harvey Girls afterall and yes, rumors of Harvey’s casting couch are legendary.


Mira Sorvino
Then: 1995’s Mighty Aphrodite was huge for Sorvino, winning her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress among other honors.
Now: While there exists a cult of us who will forever love her for Romy & Michelle, that adoration has not translated into a popularity resurgence. A subsequent Miramax venture, Guillermo Del Toro’s Mimic was a disappointment, both critically and financially, and after a few more attempts towards big screen success, she’s primarily stuck with indie and television roles, the most notable in Lifetime’s Human Trafficking miniseries.

Gretchen Mol
Then: In the late ’90s, she co-starred in Rounders with Matt Damon and Edward Norton, then became the fixation of that other moderately creepy bigwig with a fetish for blonde actresses: Woody Allen. She infamously appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair, which touted her “the it-girl of the ’90s.”
Now: The human cautionary tale for all would-be “next big things.” Mol’s latter-day career has been comfortable, if not unspectacular, appearing in 3:10 to Yuma, on Lifetime in The Memory Keeper’s Daughter and most recently on Boardwalk Empire. She also, in my opinion, was one of the best parts of David Wain’s lovable mess of a movie, The Ten.

Jessica Alba
Then: Alba had been around for a while prior to 2005’s Sin City, but apparently Harvey fell in love at first seductive bull ride, trusting her with Awake.
Now: Awake failed. But her other film choices have been so much worse that those have had far more to do with her middling career than that forgettable mess.

Sienna Miller
Then: It was only four or so years ago, but it’s easy to forget just how hard the push was on Sienna Miller. She was huge. She was painted as this immense fashion icon who would be an unstoppable celebrity force as soon as Factory Girl was released.
Now: Factory Girl was a big pile of okay, and she just…kind of…didn’t take the world by storm. Everyone else has poor film choices and personal struggle against them. But Miller just didn’t work out. Sometimes that’s worse.

Uma Thurman
Then: She danced with Travolta, took an adrenaline needle to the heart and became a star.
Now: Thurman’s career has been built on unfulfilled promise from her pretty great performances in great movies. Starting with Pulp Fiction to starring alongside a veritable buffet of “our careers didn’t work out as hoped” actresses in Beautiful Girls and making stops at the Kill Bills and Gattaca along the way, Thurman has made no other good movies. None. And with the exception of Bill amd Pulp Fiction, the films on which she’s taken first billing have been overwhelmingly unwatchable.

It’s not as though these are the only actresses who made it so close to the top to fall with a gently plop. I could go on for days. Moira Kelly, Monica Potter, Mena Suvari, Amy Smart…

But Harvey’s Girls have that special place in our world…they were delicately placed at the top, handed their dreams on a platter, and they couldn’t have it, be it through lack of talent, more appealing competitors, or just bad timing. Maybe just another ass print left on fine Corinthian leather of Harvey’s famous Casting Couch.

And when he’s done with them?

The good Harvey giveth, and the good Harvey taketh away. The couch is wiped off and pillows plumped just in time for the next starry-eyed wannabee who takes a seat and drops, not only their panties, but their self-respect.

Now, Harvey’s zipped himself up and is about to take on a new potential conquest…The NRA!

Mighty Weinstein says ‘he’ll crush the NRA’ and promote his vision of gun control to those who need his vision of freedom…We say…HARVEY, YOU’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER COUCH.

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