‘Hidden Cash’ Comes To Washington-Obama Administration Promises Instant Deficit Relief

by on 11/06/14 at 6:27 am

HuffPost's Arriana Huffington says she'll hide a pair of her panties somewhere in Washington so a poor homeless family can have shelter from the hot Washington sun this summer.

Not to be outdone in the ‘something-for-nothing game’…. HuffPost’s Arriana Huffington says she’ll hide a pair of her panties somewhere in Washington so a poor homeless family can have shelter from the hot Washington sun this summer.

Washington, DC – (satireworld.copm)

The man who has been anonymously hiding cash money across California and tweeting clues to the locations says #HiddenCash is coming to Washington, DC.

Jason Butzi, who was recently outed as the mystery donor behind the cash game, said his operation is expanding to several new places this weekend, including Washington, DC and maybe nearby Baltimore.

Butzi said on MSNBC that there would be several drops in Washington and another in Arlington. Also this weekend, cash will be hidden in Las Vegas, Chicago, Houston and Mexico City, he said. When asked about the choice of Mexico City Butzi replied that “maybe they’ll stay down there for at least a few weeks running around looking for a few paper pesos.”

Butzi has nearly half a million Twitter followers on the account where he tweets clues leading to the cash that’s hidden in public places.

The #HiddenCash Twitter account calls it a “social experiment for good” and Butzi insists there’s no profit-based agenda. He says he wants to encourage others to pay it forward.

“Just because I am a businessperson doesn’t mean everything for me is about making money. It isn’t,” he told NBC Bay Area in an email.

Detractors say it’s more about ‘personal redemption and realigned values’ than a feel good gesture. Butzi made his millions strong-arming homeowners who were underwater with property values and many were in foreclosure.

Butzi attempted another cash stunt in New York City six years ago that didn’t end well.

Employees for Cashtomato.com, a video sharing company, hid cash in tomato boxes in Union Square, sparking a riot that sent one person to the hospital and had to be broken up by police.

At the time, Butzi told the Daily News from his hospital bed that “maybe next time, I would plan this better.”

The White House has sprung into action, and with rare form has organized a government response to the Hidden Cash reports concerning a Washington destination for the modern game of treasure hunt.

Officials say up to 1,500 newly hired treasury department ‘hidden resources experts’ have fanned out across Washington and were awaiting the Twitter-based clues to be announced. This would be a first attempt at an Obama Deficit Reduction Plan that the Administration can take before voters prior to the Mid Term elections this fall.

Estimates are incomplete, but officials say the treasure money will be used to fight illegal border crossing problems in Texas and Arizona.

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