North Korea Quashes Free Speech, Liberals Stand By

by on 23/12/14 at 1:11 pm

Once it became clear that Sony had been intimidated into withdrawing “The Interview” because it offended North Korea, one satirist stood up to make his own film, but liberals have been shy to support it.

Liberals claim to support free speech, liberty and all things apple pie, but liberal bastions like Fark and Reddit have suppressed links to the fundraiser page, despite a number of users submitting them from around the world.


If you read SatireWorld, and something tells me you do, you know it’s unwise to capitulate to the wants of tyrants like Kim Jong Un.

The project is already in pre-production with over 18-minutes of production script already completed and workshopped. It only needs to hit $700 before they can start work, since the director is matching donations dollar for dollar up to $3,000.

Filming could start in as little as 2-3 weeks, but not without support, and the spineless liberals can’t be bothered to pony up the first red cent.

Let’s stand up and say we won’t be coerced into silence by a clown like this. Let’s be Americans and thumb our noses at bully-bastards like this and make this thing happen.

The fundraiser page with all the detials is on Go Fund Me, and another article about the project is here on Seattle Register.

The finished video will be released on bit torrent and YouTube for free, and once that happens, it belongs to the world. Then there’s no stopping it.

We can’t let North Korea win. We just can’t. Let’s stand together and defend freedom.

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