Actress Jane Fonda Voted Biggest Traitor Since Revolutionary War’s Benedict Arnold

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Fonda mugging it up in a Nortyh Vietnamese AA gun emplac ement shortly after the cfrew shot down a US F-4 warplane.  Fonda now contributes the then smirky face to a painful case of ghnorrhea that was plaguing her during the trip.

Actress Jane Fonda mugging it up in a North Vietnamese AA gun emplacement shortly after the crew shot down a US F-4 warplane. Fonda now contributes the then smirky face to a painful case of ghnorrhea that was plaguing her during the trip.

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Jane Fonda, long called Hanoi Jane by anyone who actually remembers the 60’s in anything other than a drugged out haze, has been voted the Top American Traitor of All Time in an independent news poll. The results of the poll, which will air on a new reality series to be titled “America’s Biggest Traitor,” had Fonda beating out such other famous people as Benedict Arnold, the Rosenburgs, and Aldrich Ames, and Michael Moore.

Retired Colonel Robert C. Flagg of the United States Marine Corps was upset by the news. “Of course Hanoi Jane was a huge traitor and one of the biggest bitches ever born. No one doubts that. Her actions in Vietnam got a lot of our men beaten, tortured, and killed. I’m upset, however, but the use of the word favorite to describe her actions. How can you have a favorite criminal?”

Much of the response to Jane Fonda’s selection for the award, however, was positive.
Members of the Hollywood community came out in support of Ms. Fonda and lauded her on her latest accomplishment. Said one agent, “this is almost as significant as her seven Oscar nominations and two wins. Jane is such an accomplished woman and this just shows the diversity of her talents. I’m ready to wet myself in adoration of her talents and achievements. She’s always been such a huge star, and this is another achievement for her.”

Chris Matthew of MSNBC stated that “I’m going to have to have this woman in my studio for a one on one, sit down interview. This is just fantastic! When a living legend is voted to something like this over people who have been dead for over 200 years and who appear in all of our history books, it just to shows how great and significant her acts were! I’m honored and humbled just to be able to speak to her. She actually gives me tingles in my groin!”

President Barack Obama, in congratulating Fonda on her accomplishment said “this… is another… great American… in our history.. who has succeded… in her goals… and is a model… for us to follow… in our current wars.” (Note: with the slow moving teleprompter and his stammering speech patterns, it took twenty minutes for him to deliver this sentence.)

Michael Moore said that he plans to film his newest documentary about the sacrifices of this “poor little American girl from humble beginnings who made herself into somebody and triumphed over a bunch of malicious lowlife soldiers of a repressive military and government (even if the war was escalated by JFK).” In a salute to her first Oscar nominated film, and in reference to her Vietnam War actions, he plans to call the movie “They Shoot Babies, Don’t They?”

Jane Fonda could not be reached for comment. A personal secretary said that she was tied up for the next few days. She said that her schedule included shopping at an Ikea store to help Osama Bin Laden’s widows get some things to decorate his grave. Afterwards, she was supposed to fly to North Korea to assist Kim Jong Un in christening his new yacht.

Editors Note:
During Hanoi Jane’s 1972 visit to North Vietnam a US POW named Jerry Driscoll was taken from his prison cell, cleaned and dressed for a visit with Fonda. He was then ordered to give Fonda a positive account of his treatment while at the infamous ‘Hanoi Hilton’ Prison. He spit at Fonda and was beaten and dragged away. Another group of POWs, which included a Col. Larry Carrigan, were brought out to visit with Fonda.

According to the story, “…she walked the line, shaking each man’s hand and asking little encouraging snippets like: “Aren’t you sorry you bombed babies?” and “Are you grateful for the humane treatment from your benevolent captors?”

Many of the POW’s were listed as missing in action so to identify themselves to American authorities, they each had written their Social Security numbers on small pieces of paper and slipped them to Fonda as she greeted them. To their horror, however, after Fonda finished meeting them, she turned to the North Vietnamese commanding officer and handed him the POW’s pieces of paper. In the beatings that followed, three American POW’s died and Col. Carrigan nearly died.

Yes, the American people are correct in voting Fonda ‘America’s Favorite Traitor’…May she live forever with the shame.

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  1. Bargis

    Jan 19th, 2015

    Jane Fonda is a certified shame on any American who values the sacrifices of those who served and still serve….She’ll die rich but will live forever with the stain of being a traitor on her soul and legacy.

  2. Captain america

    Jan 20th, 2015

    …according to Rev Al this is just another example of ‘White Privilege’ and he vows an investigation….unless he’s compensated to

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