White House Approaches Disney to Use ‘Frozen’ Movie for Latest Propaganda Move

by on 26/01/15 at 5:25 pm

Disney said no,  but the Bill Clinton aides said they'd let the Administration use the igloo where Hillary's libido is stored as a class room demo.

Disney said no, but the Bill Clinton aides told Robert Papp they’d let the Administration use the Alaskan igloo where Hillary’s libido is stored as a classroom demo.

WASHINGTON D.C. – (satireworld.com)

In its latest attempt to scare school children about climate change, the White House is trying to pressure Disney into using the characters from the mega-hit movie, Frozen, in other films that would be used to show the growing dangers of climate change in the Arctic (if there were any).

State Department official, Robert Papp, has been putting the squeeze on the entertainment company saying, “Frozen has created a make believe icy kingdom where everything is fantastic and wonderful. We just want to take that same approach, with characters the kids have grown to love, and use it to scare the shit out of them. You know, polar bears dying, Eskimo villages flooding due to rising sea levels, that sort of stuff.”

Papp continued, “Since we deal with most problems using make believe ourselves, we thought it would be a natural fit. I have a fantastic idea I also want to pitch to them with the cast of Aladdin, where we use the characters to make nice with those pesky terrorists from ISIS! Of course, it has a happy ending.”

Disney, so far, has told Papp to “stick it where the climate don’t change,” saying, “We prefer to make our movies more optimistic.”

If Papp and the White House continue to badger the studio, one exec told us, “Maybe we’ll do a remake of Pinocchio where the White House and their officials learn about ethics and telling the truth.”

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