Farmer Complains of Sore Nose After Visit By TV’s ‘American Pickers’

by on 03/11/15 at 3:24 pm

"Sometimes we hit paydirt", says Frank Fritz after a long day of picking.

“Sometimes we hit paydirt”, says Frank Fritz after a long day of picking.

Barnswood, IA – (

Farmer Elmer Cadfrey thought Tuesday’s visit by the History Channel’s American Picker duo would be a profitable day for him and a chance to unload a lifetime of junk he collected in two of his three barns. Sadly, he spent most of the day down at the Merriweather Health Clinic with an ice pack on his nose.

The show’s two stars, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, tried to explain that it really wasn’t their fault that a 1,000 pound sign stored overhead in the dilapidated barn wasn’t properly secured and hit Mr. Cadfrey right in his rather large nose.

Says Wolfe, “We warned the old dude that we weren’t responsible for any damages and it was clearly spelled out on the History Channel Standard Liability Release that Mr. Cadfrey signed prior to us unloading that good shit that we placed in his barn for our later ‘discovery’ while on camera.”

Mr. Cadfrey claims he had plenty of ‘good shit himself’ and they didn’t need to go salting his barn with counterfeit stuff just for the camera’s sake. He felt real sorry that they cheeped-out and picked on his nose instead.

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