Steve Harvey Apologizes: “Mitt Romney Was the Winner in 2012”

by on 24/12/15 at 12:42 pm

...all those white girls look the same anyway

…all those white girls look the same anyway


Embarrassed Family Feud and Miss Universe pageant host, Steve Harvey, is continuing to cleanse his conscience following his recent gaffe in announcing the wrong winner in the famous beauty contest. Harvey announced Ms. Colombia as the winner, when the real winner was Ms. Philippines, a mix-up that became a television nightmare.

Now, Harvey is correcting the record in another important contest. “This has been incredibly humiliating,” Harvey said, “But this isn’t the first time this has happened. I might as well get it all out there now, I can’t take having this hanging over me anymore, but I incorrectly named President Obama the winner of the election in 2012 when the card clearly stated the winner was Mitt Romney.”

Harvey insisted this was not intentional, but rather simply an oversight on his part. “It still seems like a blur to me. I remember looking at the card before I announced the winner to the American people during one of our Family Feud telecasts in November 2012, and it said ‘1st Runner-Up Barack Obama,’ but I screwed up and said he was the winner. After the cat was out of the bag, I was too scared to correct it, like I did at the pageant, because I was too worried about what damage it would do to my career.”

“I’ve tried to rationalize my mistake, telling myself, ‘Hey, my man Barack has done this for four years, maybe it will all work out OK. I mean, as most of you know, whenever a candidate is unable to fulfill his or her duties as President, their opponent from the other party is crowned President in their place anyway. But when you mess up, you need to own it.”

Harvey sent his sincerest apologies to Mitt Romney and his family, and promised to do a better job getting the details right in the future.

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