Obama tweets:”Don’t laff at me Argentina!”

by on 24/03/16 at 5:58 pm

SCOTUS joined in with a tango all their own!

SCOTUS joined in with a tango all their own!

Washington, DC – (satireworld.com)

Fresh off his debut on Argentina’s hoofing it with POTUS, Obama speaks out about getting 4 3’s from former president! Twitter universe is alive today after Barack made a fool of himself on Agentina TV last night during a breathless attemp at a rendition of a tepid tango!

“Looked like Geraldo Rivera trying to hide an erection to me” Said wife Michelle after leaving stage right with her partner Jose Pinafore, the country’s greatest swordsman!

“She’s got some rump roast” said Jose licking his chops!

“I thought they all had rhythm” said guest host David Duke fresh off his backing of the Donald last week!

To cement his relation ship with Israel Barry said he’ll be opening on the borsch belt with his Henny Youngman Routine of take my wife……PLEASE!

4 Responses to “Obama tweets:”Don’t laff at me Argentina!””

  1. captain america

    Mar 24th, 2016

    ….save the next dance for me…..Lisa Dunham.

  2. captain america

    Mar 24th, 2016

    ….was that a play on words back STABBER?

  3. O'Leg Pee

    Mar 26th, 2016

    Obama bounced into out-tangoing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s True Lies performance? That woman dancer was no Tia Carrere but sure had some crafty moves…

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