With Hillary Securing Nomination, Bill Begins Transitioning

by on 11/06/16 at 9:01 am

Hillary can give Bill a few tips on being sexy...

Hillary can give Bill a few tips on being sexy…

CALIFORNIA – (satireworld.com)

As soon as his WINO (Wife In Name Only) Hillary racked up enough delegates to secure the presumptive presidential nomination for the Democrats, Bill Clinton announced he will begin transitioning to a woman in the event that he becomes First Lady this fall.

“It is true that I am beginning a hormone replacement therapy regimen in advance of having reassignment surgery later this summer,” Bill told reporters. “I mean, look at my competition for the position! I’ve got a lot of work to do if I’m going to stand a chance against Melania.”

Borrowing from the Hillary campaign’s Twitter slogan, #ImWithHer, Clinton fans launched a new Twitter campaign in honor of Bill and his quest to become First Lady. #ImWithHerpes started trending soon after it was created.


“I think the part I’m most excited about is getting boobs,” Bill said. “That’s going to be awesome! The bigger the better,” he said laughing. “They’ll be calling me Billie Parton.”

Bill said he was feeling more comfortable with “the change” now that President Obama has been shoving the transgender lifestyle down the nation’s throat the past couple of years.

“I know it’s going to take some patience to get there, but I really, really want to be a hot mess of a First Lady. Jenner and I are going to have so much fun shoe shopping together!!”


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