Trump To Copyright First Lady

by on 26/07/16 at 1:58 pm

"Wanna use it you gotta pay!"

“Wanna use it you gotta pay! Simple as that.”

Legal experts say there's little chance the Democrats will use photos comparing candidate's wives in the future....

Legal experts say there’s little chance the Democrats violate copyright laws by using photos comparing candidate’s wives in the future….(copyright-DJ Trump)





New York, NY – (

One of the premier traits of a entrepreneur is the ability to spot trends while they are undiscovered and be able to move fast in order to capture the market lead and then reap the financial windfall. Without saying, the past success of presidential candidate Donald J.Trump has been his unique ability to see trends and take advantage of ways to maximize profits.

During the opening session of the Republican National Convention, Melania Trump gave a speech extolling the virtues of her husband Donald Trump who has captivated the media by exceeding all expectations and then actually winning the Republican nomination to run against Hillary Clinton in the national presidential elections this fall.

But trouble soon followed what many called a great speech by Mrs Trump…The charge of it being plagiarized from a speech given by Michelle Obama back in 2008!
The media quickly jumped on blame train hoping to cause a ground swell of bad press for the RNC, but a day later the speechwriter herself owned up to the mistake and explained to the media that Melania had nothing to do with it and squarely took the blame herself.

In order to prevent any further charges of plagiarism, and to protect his ‘brand’, Donald Trump immediately copyrighted the image of his wife Melania hoping anyone including the press would have to pay royalties to use her image on the screen, online, or in press.

It also made it hard for the Democrats to compare Hillary versus Melania in a side by side comparison for exploitative and annoying ‘Hillary for President’ advertising.

The Clinton camp cried ‘foul’ at first but decided instead to use old photos of Hillary (before pantsuits), and compare her to famous women like Eleanor Roosevelt and Mamie Eisenhower!

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