$223 Million Dollars For Speeches? Sorry Hillary You’re Just Not That Interesting

by on 14/08/16 at 9:05 am

To be honest Hillary...You're just not that captivating to merit receiving a million dollars for a 35 minute speech to a bunch of seedy Indian investors in Calcutta.

To be honest Hillary…You’re just not that captivating nor interesting to merit receiving a million plus dollars for a 35 minute speech to a bunch of seedy Indian investors in some third-rate Mumbai hotel.

Nope! Not even close! Try again and this time leave of about 75lbs and fifty years!

Nope! Not even close for that kind of money! Try again and this time leave off about 75lbs and about fifty hard years!

Now as a speaker, this attention grabbing beauty is woefully underpaid.

Now as a speaker, this attention grabbing beauty is woefully underpaid.

New York, NY – (satireworld.com)

Flash back! January 2000. The Clinton’s finally leave the White House. The Clinton family pockets over-stuffed with silverware, china, and priceless antiques as they hopped on board Air Force One for a final trip to New York City where the now ex-First Lady plans a senatorial campaign and the ex-President sharpens up his speech-giving voice for some expected $10K-per-speech income streams. Sixteen years later, my how things have changed!

Hillary publicly voiced her sorrow about how poor and destitute her family were upon leaving the confines of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and how she was forced to accept a paltry US Senator’s salary to get by. Yes, husband Bill gave speeches for reasonable and comparable fees. Even she herself made a few extra bucks speaking at women organizations and playing the proud spouse of a serial cheater…But now, sixteen years later the Clinton’s income without a product or production has swelled to almost a quarter of a billion dollars! Basically Clinton income just for giving woefully boring speeches to a bunch of equally bored international business people!

How can this be you ask? Sure, a few million just for their fame or notoriety, but that much money?

Well, you don’t have to be a genius to lay the sticks in the same direction and follow the trail. If you think an email server in your basement against national security rules was stupid, wait until you hear how blatantly dumb this scheme was.

As Secretary of State during the tragically inept and special interests influenced Obama Administration, Hillary Clinton was in the perfect position to sell a commodity that others around the globe highly coveted and spared no expense in obtaining…Insider influence and special favor.

The Clinton’s were masterful in trading insider information and business opportunities within the US government providing you paid an exorbitant fee to hear Bill Clinton speak about whatever Bill feels is interesting and can last about 25 minutes. What’s totally astounding is their hubris this couple lives under as if they’re untouchable and people would admire anything they’ve done even sullying the reputation of the United States and its good citizens.

Even more remarkable, when their 2015 tax returns were released in an attempt to divert media attention from more email drama, the returns showed $10 million plus in income for last year! Wasn’t she up to her Spanx in her Presidential campaign mode? But in a typical Clinton fashion they showed their loving compassionate side by donating over $1 million dollars to charity!
The only problem is, it’s their own foundation that received that tax-deductible donation. Yeah, that Clinton Foundation Charity that uses almost 98% of any and all donations as overhead expenses for the Foundation!

Well, she could end up as President and that’s bad. But on the bright side maybe she’ll bring back all the silverware, dishes, and antiques to the White House.

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  1. O'Leg Pee

    Aug 14th, 2016

    Maybe large consignments of cocaine were also in the frame?

  2. Philbert of Macadamia

    Aug 14th, 2016

    Hillary, a pile of pakaderm poop!

  3. Philbert of Macadamia

    Aug 14th, 2016

    The night after the DNC Convention, the mysterious private server email hacker tattooed Hillary’s face on her caboose. Guess where her mouth was located?

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