Swinestein Headlines Trump NRA ‘Bum Stocks’ Ploy

by on 06/10/17 at 7:38 pm

Maybe Harvey can hang out with Bill O'Reilly and chat up hot conquest stories!

Maybe Harvey can hang out with Bill O’Reilly and chat up hot conquest stories!

New York – (SatireWorld.com) – Sheepish-looking alleged sex pest Harvey Winestein, 69, was off rehab clinic this weekend amid lurid claims “it’s all a ploy” by the fake news industry to dumb down other, more sordid stuff.

Pictures of the sexagenarian movie mogul swamped US networks Friday in a move some reckon relegated the National Rifle Association’s historic IPO – Initial Pubic Offering – story to rock bottom place on headline trackers.

“These bum stocks are now likely to bottom out,” a spokesperson for the Reuterus News Agency told SatireWorld reporters.

Completely coincidentally a new Anthony Weiner-grade polygraph test launches at a Santa Monica Lewinsky, Ca, sex clinic tomorrow.

Bill Clinton is also 69.

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  1. O’Leg Pee

    Oct 13th, 2017

    More on fake news, Bum Stocks and short selling:

    ………..Glasser, who serves as president and chief operating officer of the Weinstein Co., has long been dogged by legal issues that date back more than two decades. In the most serious case, Glasser’s former company was used to launder the proceeds of a massive stock manipulation scheme which, according to federal prosecutors, was connected to the Genovese crime family. The mastermind of the scheme, Roy Ageloff, pleaded guilty to securities fraud and was sentenced to eight years in prison. Ageloff also helped launch Glasser’s career as a producer, and even tried to produce a film with Glasser about his own life, to be titled Sold Short.” Glasser was never charged with a crime.

    JUST sayin….

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