Anthony Weiner Say’s Weinstein Is Giving Sex Addicts A Bad Name

by on 12/10/17 at 2:59 pm

Sex Addict?

Sex Addict?

At first Hillary Clinton defended Weinstein by claiming he never tried anything on her.....

At first Hillary Clinton defended Weinstein by claiming he never tried anything on her…..

New York, NY – ( Convicted dirty old man, ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner has discounted suggestions that disgraced Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is a true sex addict and predator toward women and said it does a ‘ huge disservice’ to those who are struggling with a deviant sex problem like himself.

Just weeks before he’s supposed to surrender to authorities to start his year-long prison sentence felon Anthony Weiner appeared on Satire World TV to discuss the stream of sexual allegations against Weinstein made by at least 330 high-profile women in the film industry, who have accused the Miramax co-founder of rape, groping, sexual harassment, and various public acts of himself self-manipulating his ding-dong in front of women he’s corralled.

It has recently been reported that Weinstein was to report to a Nevada rehab clinic The Bunny Ranch, which offers a unique and highly focused one-on-one sex therapy plan. The 45-day, $40K-a-week inpatient program for sex addiction and related behavioral issues.

One doctor noted that in this highly publicized case the behavioral issues are very complex and any type of treatment for a person as obnoxiously rude, so slovenly fat and disgusting, and having the characteristics of an all-around human douchebag like Harvey Weinstein, it could take up to a year of intensive treatments and a whole lot of money.

Weiner said he was unhappy about the 65-year-old movie mogul using sex addiction to justify and ‘excuse [his] behavior’.

“Sexual addiction is very closeted and inward and private. You go behind closed doors,” he said, “For me it was a dirty secret, it made me feel shameful, weak and embarrassed.”

Also appearing alongside Anthony Weiner was another recovering sex addict, Subway’s Jarod Fogle, who told how his ‘dirty secret with children’ ultimately destroyed his marriage.

‘Weinstein’s behavior cannot be excused’, says Weiner who claims to be an addiction expert now after being discovered using the internet as a means to showcase his sex organ to underage girls.

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