Here are some links to some of our favorite around the web. We’d love to list all of our closest online friends on our front page, but they just don’t fit. Maybe we have too many friends. Check out some of these great (note: links open in a new window.)


If you’d like us to link you, here are some guidelines:
We can’t accept every link request. It’s nothing personal. Preference will be given to news and humor site ( If you have a commercial link, as in, for your business, you might want to consider the advertising page instead.

Link to first. If you’re really interested in swapping links, show it. If you request a link, but don’t have one posted to us, you probably won’t hear back from us.

No illegal, period. No warez, offshore pharmacy or anything like that. Sorry.

Maybe get an ALL-PAGES banner ad? We hand-select for the “our friends” banner you see on every page of the This costs nothing, but is only offered to certain websites. If you give us a link to from the front, or every, page of your website, we’ll consider listing you there.

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