Obama Wants A Table-top Conversation…Here’s Talking Points For Family & Friends Over Thanksgiving Turkey

by on 28/11/13 at 5:35 am

Thanksgiving 2013 really needs a dinner discussion about dishonesty in the White Hous, the loss of America's forward direction, and how to send a disgraced Obama back to Chicago

Thanksgiving 2013 needs a dinner discussion about dishenesty in the White House and how to send Obama back to Chicago

Anytown, USA – (SatireWorld.com)

President Obama has asked millions of Americans to show their support for his programs and Obamacare by directing Thanksgiving dinner conversation toward Obamacare and the success of other Obama administration initiatives in an effort to boost his flagging poll numbers. So, here’s some tips in having that discussion with Aunt Edna and Uncle Fred as they shovel away cranberry sauce and mounds of hot turkey dressing.

Probably would be best to start with appetizers and some Obamacare, you know, the $500 million dollar web site that’s defective. Everyone now realizes this is a man who spent hundreds of millions to build a web site…that doesn’t work and how we just put that same guy in charge of six percent of the total US economy! Aunt Edna will get a kick out of you mentioning that her needed hip replacement won’t happen because Obamacare’s drug abuse treatment and birth controlpriority will syphon off money from Medicare.

Have a few Millenials sitting uncomfortably at the ‘small table’ this year?

According to Obama they can stay there until they’re 26 years old! Get their attention by revealing how Americans are finally waking up to the reality that “We wuz robbed.” On yes! Someone obviously has a few hundred million dollars of our taxpayer money in a Swiss bank account. The FBI might want to start with Michelle Obama’s Princeton Black Alumni buddy,Toni McCall Townes-Whitley, whose company earned the no-bid contract to design the disastrous Healthcare.Gov Obamacare website. But we know as long as Eric Holder controls the FBI that isn’t going to happen

Then there are Obama’s economic promises for the past five years. His “success” with the world’s largest economy makes Obamacare look like the work of a genius. More Americans get government entitlement checks than are working in the private sector. More Americans are on food stamps than the population of Spain. Twice as many Americans now live in poverty under Obama, as the population of Syria. Fifty-seven percent of all the children in America are either living in poverty or defined as low income. Almost 50 percent of Americans have less than $500 in savings. And let’s not forget the debt just went up $328 billion in one day – that’s more than the budget deficit for the entire year 2007 under Bush……….How bad is the Obama economy? Bangledesh is throwing an “AID AMERICA” concert.

By this time most of your guests will be picking the bones on the turkey and if you look them in the eyes you might see that they’re starting to realize that maybe they’ve been getting screwed, so maybe it’s time to pick a bone with Uncle Fred, the life long Democrat union member … ‘Hey Uncle Fred! Did you know Obama is the great jobs killer. He’s so good at killing jobs, he should be at the top of the FBI’s Most Wanted List!’

Now that you got Uncle Fred’s attention, ‘Over 100 million working age Americans are no longer working. Food stamp growth is 75-times higher than job growth. The workforce participation rate is the lowest in modern history. Black unemployment is at 14 percent. Almost half of black teens are unemployed. And over 80 percent of the jobs created since January 1 are crummy, crappy part-time jobs.’

Then as Grandma’s pumpkin pie is lathered with whipped cream, you might mention the nonstop scandals. And I mean serious scandals. Any one of them would’ve forced George W Bush out of office and now, Obama owns all of them.

Benghazi- more absurd lies than Obamacare, a possible arms deal with rebels gone bad, and the cover-up of murder.

Fast and Furious- another government arms deal gone bad, responsibility for the murder of a U.S. border guard, another blatent cover-up.

The NSA scandal- Obama listens into all of our calls. I hope he’s listening to mine. He’ll hear the word IMPEACHMENT come up in every sentence.

The AP scandal- Obama and paranoid buddies like Eric Holder are even illegally spying on their adoring Kool-Aid drinking friends in the media.

The IRS scandal- To get re-elected, the Obama administration unleashed the IRS on Tea Parties, conservative fundraisers, and outspoken critics of Obama (like me). Their goal was to kill the political opposition, silence free speech, and intimidate critics. These guys put the “thug” in Chicago!

The Census Bureau scandal- It appears government employees faked the unemployment numbers in the weeks leading up to the election to re-elect a President who wouldn’t know what a job looked like, if it hit him in the face.

Iran nuke deal-Not only has the President and his goofy Secretary of State sabotaged any realistic lessening of Iran’s nuclear ambition, but they’ve thrown our most stalwart allies Israel and Saudi Arabia under the bus by holding secret negotiations in which all but promises Iran…..IF YOU LIKE YOUR ATOM BOMBS, YOU CAN KEEP YOUR ATOM BOMBS!

Oh and last but not least, once again let’s not forget Obamacare- the world’s first trillion dollar Ponzi Scheme perpetrated with lies, misrepresentations, and pure fraud by a late night Sham Wow guy named Obama…

Then you can pass out the Rolaids and help Uncle Fred find a comfortable place on the couch to watch football.

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  1. captain america

    Nov 28th, 2013

    ….lest we forget Black Friday : American Values and History ‘marked down’ 90% with Obama as CEO …”going out of business sale’…

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