Holy Jihad Comics Takes Islamic Terrorists On A Joy Ride Of Stupidity

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Mohammed: "Dwayne you idiot! The school bus is leaving and you haven't lit the fuse!"

Mohammed: “Dwayne you idiot! The school bus is leaving and you haven’t lit the fuse!”

New York, NY – (satireworld.com)

The popular series of the The Holy Jihad Comic Books have broken publication records that once spanned four decades. With the introduction of ‘Burka Madness’ and the second edition, ‘Infidels Invade the 7-11’, a second and third work shift of printers had to be hired in order to keep up with demand from retailers around the world.

Written in Arabic (and now translated to other languages) and hand drawn in the style of medieval Septi artists, the adventures of Prophet Mohammed and his English-born muslim convert sidekick Dwayne-Ali, rival those of other super heroes, except, instead of fighting evil, they support it. In the end, they usually do something loopy or stupid that allows the plot to forward itself into another installment of madcap madness.

The first installment is called Burka Madness and introduces Dwayne-Ali as the Prophet’s sidekick, as well as, Miriam, Mohammed’s secretive lover who conceals state-of-the-art electronics and other James Bond-like secret inventions under her burka. She is never far away rom the action and her deceiving talents force the Islamic duo to act more like Abbott and Costello than Superheros.

Miriam, who is both beautiful and resourceful is really an Israeli spy who secretly works for Mossad. On every adventure she trips-up the ever cruel Mohammed as he tries to wreck havoc on innocent people around the world.

Repeated contact with bombers and terrorists allow the Dwayne-Ali character to get accidentally blown up more times than Wiley E. Coyote in the Roadrunner cartoons, but he always bounces back, charred clothing and all. Of course, the vengence-filled Prophet Mohammed never loses his cool and never loses his ability to set up Dwayne-Ali for more stupid adventures.

Sid Burkendorf, noted New York Times critic and comic book historian had this to say about the The Holy Jihad series, “Brilliant! Never before has such characters been shown in such a revealing way that touches your heart and yet, causes your sphincter to pucker at the same time!”

The third edition is in print and will hit the bookstores soon. The newest edition title is, ‘Dwayne-Ali Attacks the Crippled Christian Children’s Orphanage.’.

Writer Norbit Freeman added, “We will introduce two more characters in Volume III…Muz the dyslexic carpet flyer, Raz the nefarious airline underwear bomber, and Nobi the confused suicide bomber.” Norbit reportedly is in hiding after 764 confirmed threats were recieved from Iranian government sources.

Norbit is currently rushing out a special edition of Jihad Comics covering the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Titled ‘Osama Has A Real Bummer of a Day’ the special edition is expected to be sold out.

Norbit says a few changes are on the way especially more cartoons since most muslims are too stupid to comprehend the plotlines without pictures, and fewer big words so recent American converts to Islam will have an easier time reading the text.

Currently, production is in four languages, English, French, Hebrew, and Farsi. Soon to come is, Swalhili, Spanish, and a special US Ebonics issue.

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