Jihadis Rewrite Story Of Nativity

by on 03/06/16 at 5:56 pm

Allah Snack-Bar!

Allah Snack-Bar!

Fallujah, Iraq – (Satireworld.com)

Islamic Snake terrorists have published their own, twisted tail on the birth of Jesus according to a Red-C-Pedestrian-Times book-review posted on JihadiBaddi.con today.

The seminal tome, ‘The World’s Oldest Church Where Three Wise Men Roamed Wrecked’ By Suicide Bomber, reveals that infidels in Judea’s most ancient temple ‘hoisted the Magis’ afterbirth of Jesus’ in a bizarre homeopathetic ritual involving drunks, incense and snuff.

Fossilised pre-Etruscan diapers were also likely in the poop – loop! – discovered outside a partially preserved second century ATM next to St Mary Church in Hah, Tur Abdin, south east Turkey, last Thanksgiving.

The cash machine, also known as the Idioto d’Yoldath-Aloho, is located in the gluttonous Syrian border region where Syrian Christian Orthodoxy first reared its ugly head circa BC 20, spreading cannibalism and human-animal sex rituals to a fun-starved local population in bondage to Herod.

Book reviewer Kamel T Oh is unequivocal that this Jihadi take on olden daze religious hystery is fast becoming mainstream IS thinking thanks largely to the power of terrorist social media.

“Check out the Official Al Shebab-Kebab entry on Farcebook,” he commented, “their Baby Jesus has a face like Hillary Clinton’s arse.”

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