Must Really Suck Being A Democrat These Days

by on 07/12/18 at 2:07 pm

Wait!  She was supposed to win!

She was supposed to win!

First the tears...Now all the petty B-S nonsense of denying the legitimate winner  any respect.

First the tears…Now all the petty B-S nonsense of denying the legitimate winner any respect.

THEN....Hillary supporter NOW....Plain old Meathead

THEN….Hillary supporter
NOW….Plain old Meathead

Washington, DC

Take a moment and think about this…Imagine the feeling back in the late fall of 2016 with the Obama era of Hope & Change ending in a tangling tumble of fraud, dishonesty, and overall contempt for true American values. Now, with the Democrat’s world of smoke and mirrors turned inside out and upside down, a chagrined President Obama has to pass the baton to Donald Trump, a person with no political experience.

Today, Trump still stands as the greatest disrupt-er-in-Chief in modern politics, the winner of the biggest Presidential upset imaginable, but for most of the campaign, he was not even the best supporter for himself. That distinction belonged to the millions upon millions of everyday normal Americans who found in him the bare-knuckled New York City construction brawler they were desperately seeking who can and could land knock-out punches on political correctness and open the drain on the famed Washington political swamp.

The People’s Choice started out as a surprise movement though quiet and calm like small ripples in a very big pond. Fly-over states Republican primary voters turned their backs on a parade of supposedly better-qualified loyalist candidates to make the loud-mouthed TV celebrity with the funny hair their battering ram against an arrogant and out of touch establishment.

Their movement grew and spread until, November 2016, as the key state after key state swung red one after another on TV maps, the last walls of resistance came tumbling down. It was a hallelujah moment, the ultimate underdog leading the forgotten masses to triumph. All the more so because Trump’s secreted voters often took great risks, refused to put out lawn placards and were routinely insulted and demeaned for their passion.

But they wore those insults as badges of honor, proudly calling themselves the “deplorables” and the “irredeemables.” Leaving an imagine of a smirking pallid faced Hillary staring blankly into her own political mirror while desperately seeking an excuse, any excuse, that would explain herself away as still being considered party-credible and relevant to her now super dumbfounded supporters.

They would not be deterred… the Trump supporters have taken back their country.

Trump’s remarkable victory is their victory. It is a victory for democracy, for the common men and women of America.

The factory workers, the veterans, the cops, the kitchen help, people who plow the fields, make the trains run, pick up the trash and keep the country together and keep it moving — they are all now winners. As one, these cogs of our daily life rose up in a peaceful revolution, their only weapons the ballot box and their faith in the future.

This, the greatest nation ever conceived on Earth, proved once again that America is truly exceptional because Americans are exceptional.

Trump voters had the courage of their conviction to go against all their betters, all the poobahs and petty potentates of politics, industry and, above all, the fraudulent hucksters of the national liberal media who lost face and revealed who they really are….the smirking propagandist arm of the Democratic Party.

And who, at this extraordinary juncture, dares say that Trump is not worthy of victory and of the salute of his countrymen? He has done what nobody thought he could, overcoming the doubts and scoffs every incredible step of the way. But still, you’d be hard pressed to hear a whispered mention of his accomplishments on any of the alphabet channels.

No candidate in modern times and perhaps ever has suffered such abuse at the hands of the dominant pseudo media culture. Virtually every day, nearly all the front pages and broadcasters in the entire country vilified him then and now in an attempt to destroy him.

The late-night comics made fun of him like so much trailer trash, Wall Street saw him as a threat, Hollywood looked down on him and even the pope added his two cents of disdain.

It was dirty pool, against any standard of fairness and decency, but that was not the would-be assassins’ biggest mistake. It was that failing to destroy Trump, the elite smart set unleashed its contempt on his supporters.

The effect was the opposite of what was intended. Instead of demoralizing the Trumpsters, the nonstop attacks hardened them and made them more determined to finish what they had started.

Now America, at last, has a counter swinging cultural force. Not so much a conservative standing against a liberal establishment, but rather a fearless populist who likes to mix it up and insists on doing things his way.

Sure, Trump’s thin-skinned and can be a bully, and there were many times when he looked like he was throwing his chances away with foolish fights. But for the last month, he has been a model of restraint and stuck resolutely to the issues, showing that he wanted to win more than he wanted to pop off or chase rabbits down holes.

Of course, new and greater challenges await during the next two years, and the task of governing such a large, complex nation will present a sharp learning curve. But the first step in governing is winning the people’s consent, and there is no denying that Trump represents the mood for change every bit as much as Obama did eight years ago.
Right now, populist Trump holds a national 50% approval rating which is something Obama never had at his same point in his presidency. Ouch! That must hurt!

I said some time ago that the pendulum sometimes swings farther than we think it will, and that’s what we’re witnessing. Obama begat Trump….Something the elite never thought would happen.

Just a few years ago, it looked as if Obama would pick his successor and bury Trump in a humiliating landslide. Yet today, Trump is the president and the Obama legacy is in shambles.

As for Hillary Clinton, she didn’t deserve to be president, despite wanting it more than life itself. Perhaps her greatest legacy will be the pile of damp Kleenex and the soiled Depends left in her hotel suite after she learned her Election Day fate.

She had no rationale for running. She was ethically challenged and so patently dishonest that, to me, it would be a give-up if she had became president.

She would have made history and ruined the country. That was too high a price for shattering the glass ceiling.

Beyond Clinton, Obama and George Soros, Hollywood and the media, the real big losers include political correctness, that disease of the spirit that saps confidence in one’s own values and success.

Suck it up all of you wishful thinking Democrats. Chances are your Blue Wave of 2018 will be a wet-mop trickle of political jockeying just for those 40-plus 2020 hopefuls seeking the headlines so they can better their position in order to run against a proven winner in 2020.

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  1. Philbert of Macadamia

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    • Neocon Killer

      Jan 9th, 2019

      This is THE most despicable, shitty, backward assed, lying, one-sided, ugly, bunch of Right Wing-Nut, REPUBLICUNT bullshit, Conservitard nonsense ever. I fucked your daughter in her pretty pink asshole with my nice smooth, Blue, donkey cock.

      Not all Liberals are Geniuses, but ALL Geniuses are LIBERAL.

      Your wife kissed trump at a cocktail party and has Gonorrhea of the mouth. Google THAT!!

      • Bargis

        Jan 9th, 2019

        Gees! I was right! It DOES suck to be a loopy liberal Democrat! Hey NeoCon Dude…How about a picture of yourself. I’m plumb out of any new jackass photos ever since I used the last ones on Al Gore, Obama, and your mother Hillary.

  2. Jalapenoman

    Jan 9th, 2019

    Neocon’s 5th generation welfare mother probably told him to write the letter. He wrote it initially with his pink LGBTQ pen on his Save The Whales stationary. He then put on his big girl panties and typed it in to his laptop (which still has a Pocahantes Warren and a Beto sticker on it).

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