Weiner Holder Announces Surprise 2016 Presidential Bid

by on 02/09/16 at 4:06 pm

Weiner surptrises the expertys by throwing his hat into the 2016 Presidential race.

Anthony Weiner surprises the experts by throwing his hat into the 2016 Presidential race.

..and you thought all thiose cute play on words over Weiner were exhausted!

..and you thought all those cute play on words about Weiner were exhausted!

New York, NY – (satireworld.com)


As if 2016 wasn’t full of enough political surprises! This afternoon at 2 PM a joint press conference with both ex-congressman Anthony Weiner and ex-US Attorney General Eric Holder surprised even the most seasoned experts by announcing a bid for the US presidency and Vice Presidency.

Close on the heels of a recent sexting scandal the resilient Brooklyn native stepped up to the microphone and with his trademark douchebag looking face all in a toothy smile announced in a carefully prepared press release concerning their political ambitions in seeking the White House in this fall’s general election.

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