GOP to Democrats…..’Let’s Re-Ignite That Love We Once Had For Each Other’

Washington, DC – ( The GOP still basking in the shellacking it handed the gobsmacked DNC in the presidential elections of 2016. Politely offered an olive branch of sorts looking to re-ignite the friendly but competitive spirit of bygone days in the political arena.

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Spooky How Trump Hires Cousin Joe To Raise Deportation Posse

Maricopa County, Arizona – ( “First thing we gonna do is deport Barack Obama back home to Jamaica,” Maricopa County’s recently deposed sheriff Joe Arpaio said today amid news of his latest appointment as President Trump’s Homeland Insecurity enforcer. As foretold by some guy called Nostradamus in the year 1289.

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PHOTO EDITION-Hillary Used Fake Tears During Concession Speech

New York, NY – ( Press reports of possible Hillary Clinton trickery has been reaching the boiling point om social media when it was revealed that Hillary Clinton used a fake tears product prior to addressing her followers at her official concession speech on Wednesday.

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New York Times Reports….Trump Racist!

New York, NY – ( The once respected New York Times, which in recent years was mostly used for bird cage lining, has stepped forward and claimed that President-elect Donald J Trump is racist and is in a conspiracy that will affect black citizens.

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Trump: I Had A Wet Dream

New York, NY – ( What if Donald Trump had the hots for Hillary? Maybe it was all just some weird thing and not politics. Can you imagine!

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Democrats To Retire Party Symbol After Bruising 2016 Defeat

Democratic National Headquarters – ( The Democrats party symbol has been around a very long time. Many questioned the use of a simple jackass as their mascot and silently hoped that people would think it was a cute little donkey, but in reality the jackass pretty much summed up what most people thought of the […]

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Trump Win For The Little Guy

New York Post author: Michael Goodwin And so this is how the Obama era of Hope & Change really ends. With the world turned upside down, and with President Obama having to pass the baton to Donald Trump. That is going to be one helluva inauguration.

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Trump Election Protest Jumpers Frustrated Over Golden Gate Bridge Proposed Safety Measures

San Francisco, CA – ( The City by the Bay citizens and visitors seemed to be showing their election frustration as scores of potential suicidal bridge jumpers arrived at Golden Gate Park each looking for a place in a long line that lead up to the Golden Gate Bridge pedestrian walkway.

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Rocks Become Scare Commodities As Democrats Scramble For Cover

New York City, NY – ( The buying rush has officially began in parts of the US as hundreds of thousands of former Hillary Clinton supporters rush out to buy new shelter for themselves and their families after the stunning presidential election defeat.

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Hillary Clinton Blames Stunning Presidential Loss on SatireWorld

Washington, DC – ( Knowing you’re about to get your ass kicked still doesn’t make it any more pleasant when it finally happened to Hillary Clinton. But in Hillary Clinton’s world it’s all the more bitter when it’s done by spoof artist pundits who get a kick out of making douchebags like the Clinton Cabel […]

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Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Supports BLM

Burlington VT – ( Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Company has joined the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. The company posted a statement on its website signed by the founders that identify their positions on issues such as racism, civil rights/equal justice, police shootings of black Americans and that the lives of those people serving […]

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Hillary Clinton Fingered In FBI Surprise Vagina Probe

Washington, DC – ( FBI investigators named presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in an ongoing look at election claims that use television ad bites promoting their parties stance on certain issues and uttering supposedly false charges against other candidates. The use of Donald Trump images and the ad’s voice over depicting certain charges of sexual impropriety […]

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To Avoid Long Voter Lines,The DNC Advises Democrats To Vote On Wednesday November 9th

Washington, DC – ( The Democratic National Committee has requested national TV air time in order to caution fellow Democrats about how to avoid long lines at the polls and to advise them to cast their vote on Wednesday, November 9th when lines at the polls will be considerably shorter.

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Boy 16 Builds Anatomically Correct Girl From Legos

Seattle, WA – ( Mavis Gillard almost fainted when she opened her son’s bedroom door and caught David Jr. with what appeared to be a naked girl in bed. A first she wanted to scream bloody murder, but on taking a closer look she knew something was more than a little odd. The Blond-haired vixen […]

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(Photo Edition) FBI Reports: Federal Jail Cell Being Repainted For Hillary

Leavenworth, KS – ( FBI sources have revealed to SatireWorld that a make-over is planned for a specific third-floor cell in the woman’s section of Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary in Kansas. The source says it’s planned to house Hillary Clinton after what they believe will be a quick trial due to the massive amount of evidence […]

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In the Event That I Should Lose to……………….

Washington DC – ( Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump have had their respective political camp’s aides drafting both acceptance and concession speeches for the evening of the November 8, 2016 Presidential Elections. Both candidates reluctantly prepared concession speeches and the drafts have been obtained by WikiLeaks!

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Poetry Corner – ‘Hillary’ – Hillary (With apologies to Hilaire Belloc, 1870 – 1953)

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Hillary Anti-Trump Hysteria So Bad It’s Scaring Little Children

Kent, Ohio – ( Citing shifting polls and recent FBI announcements for Hillary Clinton as the investigation into her email scandal was reinvigorated this week. Clinton began claiming there are ties between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Russia while at a rally in Ohio after a quirky story broke via Slate. Her once loyal buddies […]

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Obama: ‘They Go Low….We Get High’

Washington, DC – ( OK, you’ve just spent upwards of one billion dollars to get have a fellow Democrat in the nation’s highest office, but as election day rolls closer the reality of victory dims. Now, that’s some serious money that seems basically wasted. So, what do you do? Well, if you’re Barack Obama, or […]

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Hillary Loses All Sense Of Huma

New York – ( Forensic cryptologists are busy checking for signs of paranormal activity in Mrs Clinton’s knickers this weekend amid fears that a spooky, hexoplasm-riddled thumb drive may have been secreted inside one of her cavernous pantiliner gussets, according to reports.

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Another March on Washington DC Planned

Washington DC- ( At the White House breakfast table President Obama was reading the Sports Section of USA Today (golf news), while First Dog Bo got the International News section to use as his indoor potty patch.

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Huma’s Weiner Brings Down Hillary In Stunning October Surprise

Westchester County, NY – ( The FBI is probing new emails related to Hillary Clinton, FBI Director James Comey said in a Friday letter to lawmakers upon which many on Capitol Hill considered a re-opening of the Hillary server investigation that was closed in early July by Director Comey. That action was considered partisan politics […]

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Polls: Hillary/Trump Locked in Satirical Tie

AUSTIN – ( Pollsters at the University of Texas say that a compilation of polls from across the country show Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump locked in a satirical tie for the presidency. Results showed Clinton with a 45% – 43% lead, with 12% completely unaware there is even an election in less than two […]

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Administration of UC Berkeley Agrees to More Student Safe Spaces

Berkeley CA – ( Students at the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) held a protest demanding that the University create both “safe spaces” for transgender students and “spaces of color” for non-white students on campus. A wall of protesters also prevented white students from studying in the Student Union and stopped traffic at the […]

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Clinton Supporters Rush To Northern Border In Mass Exodus

Ottawa, Canada – ( The rising flood of American liberals sneaking across the border into Canada has intensified in the past week, sparking calls for increased patrols to stop the illegal immigration. The recent successes of the Trump campaign are prompting an exodus among Hillary Clinton supporters who fear they’ll soon be required to become […]

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Hillary’s Hollywood ‘Walk Of Shame’ Star Is In Its Ascendancy

Santa Monica Lewinsky, California – ( A Sunset Boulevard picture agency has announced the imminent publication of its long-awaited Halloween Special. Featuring morning-after-the-night-before shots of a ratarsed Mrs Clinton crawling out of her very married, dual Oscar winner lover’s matrimonial four-poster.

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More Nonsense About Gender Neutrality

Fullerton CA – ( California State University at Fullerton (Cal Fullerton) liberal arts students apparently don’t have enough to do between classes, e.g. possibly study for exams! These students adopt social causes to protest about, such as “Gender Neutrality.”

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‘Grand Theft Election’….It’s The Same Old Game For Democrats

Miami, FL – ( The closet geeks inside the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign are besides themselves with the success of their latest video game conceived in the back rooms of Chicago machine politicians, and financed by shady unions, off shore untraceable ‘donations’ and the financial web of the inscrutable George Soros. ‘Grand Theft Election’, now […]

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Federal Government Yard Sale, Everything Must Go

Washington DC – ( A Marxist couple named Obama currently renting an old White House along Pennsylvania Avenue have been told by the Real Estate Agent (Uncle Sam) that they must vacate the premises by Mid-January of next year. The property owners (American people) demand the current tenants leave in accordance with sections of a […]

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Clinton and Warren Within 3 Points in Nasty Women Poll

Boston, MA – ( Both Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren are statistically tied in a recent CNN poll covering which Democrat is the Nastiest Women in the World. The poll is within the margin of error and seasoned polling experts consider it a tie.

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SatireWorld Editorial Corner

Turdblossom's Advice Column

  • Study Shows Democrats in 2016 Election Hampered By Low IQ Voters
  • Denver, CO – ( The Institute for Freedom released its annual report on the state of American politics and it shared some profound revelations. Professor Sidney Campbell’s report highlighted the disparity in 2016 voting trends and some eye opening facts about ex-Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s stunning loss.





  • 49ers QB Kaepernick Explains Why He Refuses to Stand for National Anthem
  • SAN FRANCISCO – ( San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is facing criticism from American sports fans after he refused to stand for the national anthem before a preseason NFL game. Despite the controversy he’s caused himself, Kaepernick says he believes he’s doing the right thing and will continue to sit for the anthem going […]

  • Hillary Pleads Congenital Amnesia About Amanda Knox
  • Washington AC/DC – ( She’s putting back the con into congenital amnesia in what’s thought to be a little known side effect of post-partum psychosis affecting the world’s most incorrigible liars about the existence of secret offspring they wish didn’t exist.


  • Rookie Auditions For SCOTUS Garage Band
  • Washington DC – ( US Supreme Court newby Neil Gorsuch is honing his ‘I-Shot-The-Sheriff’ tonight ahead of next week’s anticipated SCOTUS garage band audition.


  • Trump Win For The Little Guy
  • New York Post author: Michael Goodwin And so this is how the Obama era of Hope & Change really ends. With the world turned upside down, and with President Obama having to pass the baton to Donald Trump. That is going to be one helluva inauguration.