Michelle Obama Files $200 Million Lawsuit Against Dr. Phil For ‘excessive humiliation’

by on 22/04/11 at 5:50 am

Karl Rove thinks it's funny!

Chicago Municipal Court – (SatireWorld.com)

Wife of president Barack Hussein Obama, Michelle Obama, is furious! So furious in fact, she’s filed a lawsuit in municipal court naming TV’s Dr. Phil as defendant in her $200 million dollar defamation suit.

“He totally embarrassed me in front of his nurse!” Said a tearful Michelle as she waddled from the court, “he was rude and crude too!”

When asked about the details, Obama explained to the reporters the ordeal she went through last August…. “I went to see Dr. Phil for a professional visit. I needed to sort out a few personal things out and I thought he could help.”

She dabbed at a tear and continued, “he asked me to undress, and though I thought it odd at the time, I did as he asked…He is a doctor after all! His nurse was there and I just thought, well, you know, it was part of the examination process. So now, I’m totally nude and he asks me to get down on the floor on all fours!”

A cloud of shame causes her lips to tremble, but Michelle bravely continues with the story….

“OK..So I get down on all fours. Then he says move over to the corner. I did it just like he wanted. Then he says, crawl over and go back to the wall again! Finally I asked him what this was all about! Crawl here. Crawl there. I had enough!”

Then Dr. Phil says to me….”Oh….Well Michelle, you see, I just ordered a brand new brown leather couch and I really wanted to see where it would look best in the room!”

“I know he must be a damn Republican and I’m suing that bitch for what he made me do.”

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