Pelosi Threatens ‘Family Business Initiative’ Over Any Fiscal Cliff Failure

by on 18/11/12 at 11:43 am

According to Tony Soprano…”I’d stick my dick in anything that might have a pulse, but with that old bag I draw the line.”

Newark, NJ – (

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi says she’s hopeful lawmakers can come to a deal to avoid a year-end “fiscal cliff” but any agreement has to include tax rate increases for the wealthy. But adds, she’ll make them an offer they can’t refuse…Or something like that!

She tells SatireWorld that she can’t accept a deal that caps deductions and closes some loopholes but does not alter current tax rates for the wealthy. Pelosi wants taxes for anyone making over $250,000 to be at ‘around 65%.’

The California Democrat says “just to close loopholes is far too little money there’s way more we can grab” and other my other ideas have to be considered. Republicans have suggested they are open to finding more revenues.

“I am ready to call in a few nephews to help them along.”

Lawmakers are facing expiration of the George W. Bush-era tax deductions and across-the-board spending cuts that automatically hit in January the result of Congress’ failure to reach a deficit-cutting deal last year.

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  1. captain america

    Nov 19th, 2012

    …thanks to Dole Pineapple etc., Pelosi moved most of her assets to American Somoa, and then facilitated some sales to South Korea at a profit…after excluding the cannery from ‘minimum wage’ laws…
    I think that ‘horney’ Consul from Tampa negotiated the deal for a little over 2% of the gross….she comes from her tactics genetically, her relatives did some time back east for political corruption…

    that prune doesn’t fall far from the tree…

  2. captain america

    Nov 20th, 2012

    BTW: Hey Nance…how bout showing us YOUR tax returns!!

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