‘National Bullshit-O-Meter’ Goes Wild After Obama State of the Union Speech

by on 28/01/14 at 7:49 am

Little Jimmy finally got bhis OBAMA BULLSHIT DECODER RING after send two boxtops and $100 to the DNC

Little Jimmy finally got his official OBAMA BULLSHIT DECODER RING after send two boxtops and $100 to the DNC

Washington, DC-(SatireWorld.com)

In America, the President of the United States is required to give an annual report to both Houses of Congress and the American people.

Tuesday night's televised State of the Union Speech featuring the Annoited One, Barack Hussein Obama, dragged on for an endless amount of time and all that was really said were things he's said before on numerous occasions only this time people were beginning to tither and smirk amongst themselves.

In lieu of a rather boring speech, two milestones were made last night when, for the first time, a spare tele-prompter had to be brought in when the President's mainstay tele-prompter overheated.

The TV audience was at first stunned seeing the President standing there with nothing to read. His first reaction was to give a wide toothy looking grin, then when prompted by an aide, gave a lively demonstration of 'hand puppets' until the spare tele-prompter could be wheeled in.

The second milestone was after the speech when the National Bullshit Clock (similar to the National Debt Clock), spun wildly out of control for almost 40 minutes raising the National Bullshit Level to an all time record high.

Janet Napolitano, ex-homeland security chief, became so excited when the B-S alarm suddenly went off on her iPad, she inadvertently hit the hidden ‘dyke alert’ button under her bed, sending security scurrying to her home with a butterfly net and guns drawn.

Folks watching the speech down in rural South Carolina were puzzled when the President spoke about global warming and the threat to all humanity when they just spent all afternoon scraping 6 inches of snow off of their blooming rose bushes.

Obama also spoke highly of the success of ObmaCare which caused a ripple of subdued laughter in the Gallery and his appreciation for the work of Secretary John Kerry for completing the world roster of those who hate and mistrust us.

Obama’s next boast was employment where he prided himself on his Executive Order to raise minimum wages to $10.10 per hour since most jobs he’s created have been minimum wage jobs or part time jobs.

The Keystone Pipeline project with Canada was brought up several times, but Obama says he won’t approve it because we need “solar powered cars and besides, the Chinese really need some cheap gas.”

The speech wrapped up at 1 AM to a mostly deserted gallery except for a few meth addicts who took shelter in order to sit out the ‘global warming’ temperatures of zero degrees farenheit outside. DNC head Dbbie Wasserman-Schultz served coffee and some stale donuts donated by Emily’s Group to the addicts and helped them fill out a voter registration card just as Obama related the Killing of Bin Laden for the 77th time.

4 Responses to “‘National Bullshit-O-Meter’ Goes Wild After Obama State of the Union Speech”

  1. Philbert of Macadamia

    Jan 28th, 2014

    I could not watch the speech as “raising the National Bullshit Level to an all time record high” would surely cause domestic tranquility problems.

    During previous speeches by the Bullshit Artist in Chief, one only got a mental picture of the Bullshit being slung about. However, my new smart TV adds odors to enhance the viewing experience.

    Mrs. Philbert was adamant about not having the house smell of manure for a month!

    • Bargis

      Jan 29th, 2014

      I watched it and paid the price too! Had to visit a doctor today because both middle fingers were sore from hefting the ‘Obama Salute’ at the TV screen!

  2. Philbert of Macadamia

    Jan 29th, 2014

    President Obama’s State of the Union snow-job has paralyzed portions of the US Deep South. An on scene reporter said ” she had never seen brown snow before”!

  3. captain america

    Jan 29th, 2014

    Re: global warming
    Barry was praying Michelle would freeze at least a bit of her arse off!
    (Sorry dude…that’s a load you’ll just have to carry!)

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