Michelle Obama Denies ‘Blood Feud’ With Clintons: “We Only Played ‘Family Feud’ With Them”

by on 14/07/14 at 7:05 am

...there's been some talk about how the Clinton's handled appropriate dress during important White House functions

…there’s been some talk about how the Clinton’s handled appropriate dress during important White House functions

Washington D.C. – (satireworld.com)

After the release of the top-selling book by Ed Klein, “Blood Feud,” Michelle Obama has come forward to clear the air about reported animosity between America’s two royal families – The Obamas and the Clintons.

“There never was any hate between us on a political level,” The First Lady stated. “We have had game night with the Clintons many times and it’s tough because all four of us lie and cheat so much that it makes playing by the rules a very gray area.”

“I think Ed heard us one night talking about a recent game of ‘Family Feud’ we had played and misinterpreted what he heard. Barack and I won but Bill protested the game and it’s now before the Supreme Court.”

It is rumored that Bill is fuming over a decision that he rang his buzzer a split second later than Michelle did but Mrs. Obama claims the only reason Bill chimed in late was because he was getting a blow job from a local stripper behind the podium at the time.

Hillary is also not happy that the host of ‘Family Feud’ night is Jay Carney and she feels he gives the Obamas too much leeway on answers. Currently, this is the only job Carney can find.

The two powerful families also love Monopoly night because it involves playing with fake money, something both couples excel at. Michelle is also reportedly pushing for a change in the game that will include allowing players to spend some of their fake money on vacations.

“I seriously don’t know what Mr. Klein is talking about in his book,” Mrs. Clinton admitted. “We play for fun and for keeps but, I swear, if I catch them cheating again, I’m going to shove some of Michelle’s carrot stick snacks down that bitches throat! But they’re really good people.”

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  1. captain america

    Jul 14th, 2014

    ….game is kinda wop sided with mafia AG Holder giving out
    ‘get out of jail free cards’ to the obama hedge fund group…

  2. E. Williams

    Jul 14th, 2014


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