Media Report: VP Biden Behind Obama Impeachment Push With GOP

by on 16/07/14 at 3:29 pm

CAUGHT ON OPEN MIKE! Biden whispers to senator about Obama and suspicions he has about 'funny business going on at the White House.'

Biden whispers to a US senator about Obama and suspicions he has about ‘funny business going on at the White House.’

Washington, DC – (

Being next in line for the Presidency must give a person secret feelings about what could happen scenarios where the Vice President is suddenly vaulted into the most powerful job on the planet. In the case of Joe Biden, an open microphone proves he’s letting Obama’s spiraling deflation of voter support help push the President closer to political obscurity.

At a recent Pentagon veteran function in Washington an open microphone caught Biden spreading rumors about the President. A suble remark to a GOP Senate leader caused raised eyebrows and suspicious looks as impeachment rumors swirled behind the scenes.


Senator K: “So, what did you hear Joe?”

VP Biden: ” The man’s a plain ol’ Chicago crook! Staffers are complaining that he’s fudging his expense account report and doing Air Force One flybys that consume all kinds of gas to impress foreign leaders.”

Senator K: ” “Hmmmm serious shit alright. But with today’s bunch in the Senate, it might take a tad more to move them to our side. What else you have?”

VP Biden: ” Some money is missing. White House petty cash is out twenty bucks. Also, someone says he flinches toilet paper, soaps, and towels from those real expensive hotels he stays at. Could cause an international incident you know!”

Senator K: “Yeah, meaty stuff, but we need a clincher. Something John Q Citizen can bite into and, well, be so mad he’d foam at the mouth. Maybe something with sex, or homosexuality, or foreigh intrigue.”

VP Biden: “OK…Look not promising or anything but let’s just say. Wait. Suppose a little birdie flew in that window and told you where Barry’s real birth certificate is, Huh?”

Senator K: “Hmmm could work. But suppose they ask for yours Joe? The press and everyone will want you to show your own too you know.”

VP Biden: “Yeah. Right. Forgot about that angle. OK, how about this. We get a guy who says Obama has a really small dick and do a photo-shop thingy and………..”

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  1. Philbert of Macadamia

    Jul 16th, 2014

    President Obama is always shown by the media walking on the White House grounds, but never chewing gum at the same time!

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