MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Volunteers as Tribute for Any Obama Impeachment

by on 29/07/14 at 5:01 pm

Nature hasn't created a bigger idiot than Chris Matthews

Nature hasn’t created a bigger idiot than Chris Matthews

New York City – (

As the “I” word starts to gain traction in the national media for President Obama, Chris Matthews broke down on air today and offered himself up as tribute as a preemptive hit against any possible future impeachment attempts toward the President.

MSNBC’s top shouter not only volunteered to fall on the President’s sword for him, he brought his own sword with him. The sword was displayed on the desk in front of Matthews as he made his proclamation.

Matthews then announced that not only would he take a bullet for the President, but he would stand in front of the proverbial Republican tank if they tried to run over the President, a reference to the Tiananmen Square protest from 1989.

The outburst took place during Matthew’s show, Hardball, and his guests were taken back by his sudden outburst, especially in light of the fact that they were right in the middle of a segment about the racial impact the Washington Redskins name was having on average Americans.

The network was in their 16th straight hour of discussing the harm the Redskins name is having on our society. Tackling the tough issues of the day has always been the strong suit of “the network nobody watches.”

Matthews went on to assert that Mr. Obama is the greatest leader the country has seen in the past 100 years and said he would fight any man who thought otherwise. It’s not known if Matthews was off his meds or not at the time.

It is no secret Mr. Matthews has had a man crush on the President for years now but this latest rant even took the White House by surprise.

White House spokesman, Josh Earnest, told reporters later that, while they appreciated Matthew’s offer as tribute, the President could take care of himself in any possible future impeachment proceedings.

Earnest then went on to publicly assure Matthews the White House would be sending over his show prep material for the next day’s show very shortly.

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  1. Captain america

    Jul 29th, 2014

    …I have only 7 words regarding this subject, which if heeded could have solved our current diversity issues:


  2. Jalapenoman

    Jul 29th, 2014

    The thought of Chris standing in for Obama just sends Tingles up and down my leg!

  3. Captain america

    Jul 30th, 2014

    …better than exlax!

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