Democratic Mafia Now Threatening Supporters to Vote, Or Else

by on 02/11/14 at 6:31 am

Nancy talks about the elections with a few of her enforcers.

Nancy talks about the elections with a few of her enforcers.


Political robo-calls, emails, and texts are enough to drive any person insane. Both parties are going overboard in advance of the midterm elections next week. But with desperation setting in, the Democratic machine is taking it to a whole new level with their supporters.

Emails have been going out for days telling those who have voted Democrat in the past that “who they vote for is their little secret, but whether or not they voted is public record. If you don’t vote, we will find you and you’d better have a good reason for not doing so.” The threats have some freaked out.

86 year-old Myrna Boykin, of Boston, received several phone calls within the last week threatening that if she didn’t get out and vote on election day, her grandson Billy wouldn’t live to graduate high school. The call was delivered by a man with a thick Brooklyn accent and was promptly terminated after delivering the message. A quivering Boykin now says she’s afraid to leave her house. She said she’s never been “whacked” before.

Tom Hanover, a realtor from Las Vegas, received a menacing call this week warning that the Democratic Party knew which vet he took his dog “Snuffy” to and warned that if they found out he failed to vote, “It would be a shame if Snuffy was snuffed out but it would be on his head if it happened.” Mr. Hanover told us the voice on the other end of the phone sounded eerily similar to Nancy Pelosi.

One man, Dennis, who was contacted by “The D Machine” told us he had friends at polling places in Denver who were stuffing ballot boxes for him and casting ballots for dead people to offset his not voting. He told the caller on the phone he was too high to fill out the mail-in ballots or get to the polls but this fraud he was committing would make up for it. The call then turned into a job interview, with the caller asking if Dennis would be interested in working for the Democratic Party, or becoming a politician himself.

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