It Was a Wave Election and Democrats Can’t Surf

by on 11/11/14 at 6:16 am

Now, this Charlie has a reason why he doesn't surf....

Now, this Charlie has a reason why he doesn’t surf….

DWS.....More than 'brain dead'....more like brain frozen than hit with a hammer

DWS…..More than ‘brain dead’….more like brain frozen than hit with a hammer

Possibly one reason is the Democrat's party planks remind most people of a broken board!

Possibly one reason is the Democrat’s party planks remind most people of a broken board!


The results from last week’s election are still sinking in and many a Democratic candidate is doing some heavy soul searching. Most of all, loudmouth of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, is banging her head against a wall somewhere wondering how her party got it so wrong.

“I don’t get it,” the Medusa look-alike moaned. “We can win presidential elections but we can’t win the midterms. Win one, then lose the next. It’s so perplexing. I just don’t understand it.” Debbie must not own a mirror because, otherwise, she wouldn’t leave the house with that hairdo.  But that’s the first place she should look.

She claims her committee is going to investigate what went wrong and speak to the smartest people in their party for advice. This should turn out as well as Eric Holder investigating the IRS.

We thought we would try to help Debbie out by talking to some people on the street in her district.

One man commented, “Well, the Democrats could start by getting over their cult worship of false gods. They treat Obama like he’s omnipotent, they treat climate change like it’s a religion. They come across to average Americans as a bunch of fruitcakes.”

A woman told us, “They have an unhealthy addiction to birth control pills, they’re obsessed with them, and I’m so sick of them treating us women like we can’t take care of ourselves!”

Someone pointed out, “They need to rid themselves of those mental patients running things for them in Congress. Reid, Pelosi, Biden? My grandfather who has dementia makes more sense than they do.”

Other comments we heard from several people were, “The reason they lose the midterms is because of all the crazy crap they try to push on us after they win an election, instead of taking care of solving problems regular people care about, like the economy and jobs” and, “Who gives a rat’s ass about some make believe ‘war’ on this or that? How about you tackle a basic issue for once?!”

Yes, Debbie and the Democrats have some serious questions to answer. Good luck to them because, until they get over their cult worship of Barack and the Kool-Aid he’s telling them to drink, for starters, they are destined to see a tsunami in 2016 – and they still don’t have enough sense to stand up on the surfboard.

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  1. Philbert of Macadamia

    Nov 11th, 2014

    DWS don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out of being the DNC Chair. The anointed one has you on his sh*t list for the 2014 Democratic election debacle!

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