White House Hobbit, Valerie Jarrett, Now On Media’s Sh*t List

by on 13/11/14 at 6:36 am

The string puller in chief!

The string puller in chief!

WASHINGTON D.C. (The Barbed Wire) – Though a munchkin in real life, White House puppet master Valerie Jarrett stands tall in the shadows of every Obama administration debacle. She is the one who protects the President by making decisions so that bad things cannot be traced back directly to the President. She sits in on any meeting she wants to, no matter how high-level it might be and, by doing so, keeps someone more qualified from attending said meetings.

Now, in the wake of the Democrats crash-and-burn in the midterm elections, the media want the hobbit’s head. Several hit pieces have popped up on newsstands in recent days and the gremlin many have been afraid to call out for six years is suddenly seen as a likely scapegoat for the disaster on November 4th.

Jarrett has been able to get away with anything and everything since Obama took office, her actions never questioned, mainly because most insiders say she is the scariest bitch you would never want to meet. She must be a joy to live with. Sadly though, Jarrett will never be fired, no matter how much the media might protest.

For whatever reason, Obama clearly has deemed her “untouchable.” She keeps an “enemies list” of people who stand in the way of she and Obama’s quest to transform America into what they want it to be and is obviously a toxic person in the White House.

Jarrett is the most powerful unelected person in America and, after she tucks Barack into bed each night and reads him a bedtime story, she no doubt retires to her chambers where she continues perfecting her witch’s brew of mayhem and deception.

If there were ever to be a real Sh*t List, that little sh*t deserves to be at the top of it. She is a menace to socie…Oh, great. Now I’m on her list!

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