The New Obama Power Structure in Washington

by on 21/11/14 at 6:17 am

Emperor-for-Life might be what he thinks he is, but a growing majority really think he's a egotistical jerkoff

Emperor-for-Life might be what he thinks he is, but a growing majority really think he’s a egotistical jerkoff


With President Obama announcing his amnesty program this week, and by doing so promoting himself to Emperor status, here is a look at the new structure of government in the Estados Unidos de America. Obviously, Michelle becomes Empress, a mere change in title since she’s been playing the role for the last six years anyway.

The White House now becomes known as The White Castle (insert burger joke here) though the moat has yet to be built. Crazy Uncle Joe Biden will become Prime Minister, however, Joe will share the title with Emperor Obama’s pen and phone, where the real power lies.

Congress becomes Parliament which is the main legislative body. They will be the ones who pass laws unless the Emperor decides the law does not work in his favor, in which case he smites the law down with his mighty pen. Many outside of D.C. refer to the Emperor as Obamameister MeisterObama while others call him King Putt, which His Majesty hates.

Members of the Emperor’s ruling class, now called the House of Lords, will be known as Duke’s or Duchesses. For instance, in the coming months, Loretta Lynch will most likely become the Duchess of Justice.

The White Castle will employ a Court Jester, a fool who thinks he’s very clever and funny, and this role will be filled by 17 year-old Josh Earnest. Josh receives a spanking and gets grounded if he fails to entertain the crowds who gather in the White Castle to ask the Emperor questions.

Unless the members of Parliament, the people’s representatives rise up to challenge this new power grab by The Crown, the masses will have to endure two more years of living under a monarchy. The Emperor will have an easy life until that time when a challenge to his authority may emerge from the House of Clinton, a band of self-serving hillbillies from the land of Arkansas.

2 Responses to “The New Obama Power Structure in Washington”

  1. Beth Gladston

    Nov 21st, 2014

    That was very funny. White House=White Castle, ha btw, White Castle hamburgers are affectionately called belly bombs. Can’t lie, I do get cravings for them once in a while. But while we at it, the UN is a JOKE! Letting terrorists speak?! (The Iranian president) Why don’t we have the leader of the IRA speak?

  2. E. Williams

    Nov 21st, 2014

    Sadly, Beth, I have never had the joy of enjoying a belly bomb. They don’t have them in my part of the country. And yes, UN is definitely a huge joke!

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