Boehner/Netanyahu/Obama Protocol Drama Intensifies

by on 28/01/15 at 9:03 pm

......Meanwhile, Obama finally lands in Paris to offer his support to the French people

……Meanwhile, Obama finally lands in Paris to offer his support to the French people


Diplomacy can be a tricky game. And the more parties involved, the messier things can get. The latest drama involves the ongoing saga over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking to Congress after being invited to do so by House Majority Speaker, John Boehner, who didn’t ask permission from President Obama first.

President Obama has been seen sulking lately, acting like he’s on his period, and is reportedly not on speaking terms with Mr. Boehner.  Secretary of State John Kerry has weighed in on the situation, saying, “This is so bogus. Boehner is just trying to impress his new friends in Congress. I don’t blame Barack for not talking to him.”

State Department Sorority Girl, Jen Psaki, whose hair always pulls her head to one side when she listens real hard, said, “My sister’s neighbors best friend’s uncle told me Boehner is just doing this out of spite. He’s just pissed about the President’s executive actions the last two years. Plus, he’s just jelly of the President.”

Other State Department Sorority Girl, Marie Harf, who is really 16 year-old former White House spokesboy Jay Carney in drag, told us, “It’s, like, so harsh what Boehner is doing to Barack. I think he needs, like, some anger management classes or something.”

Today, in a hallway at the Capitol building, Mr. Obama saw Mr. Boehner walking down the same hallway and he moved close to the wall as the two passed each other, in an attempt to keep his distance from the House Speaker. The men shot daggers at each other with their death stares as they passed. Witnesses say Mr. Boehner’s expression looked more genuine.

On the Israeli side, one of Netanyahu’s aides told us they were tired of Obama’s “head games” and that they had grown tired of Barack and Kerry always acting “stuck-up and snobby.”  When told that Obama had called the Israeli leader’s behavior “inappropriate,” the aide said, “I know they are, but what am I?”

And the drama continues…

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  1. Walter Bucket

    Jan 29th, 2015

    Finally, a picture of the Obamamobile!

  2. Captain america

    Jan 29th, 2015

    ….and there goes our last ally!
    Should have hired Mossad to protect our borders and air terminals!

    Plus their armed women ain’t to bad neither!

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