Nation Grateful That Hillary is Keeping Her Mouth Shut

by on 15/05/15 at 4:01 pm

In a 2014 photo Hillary gets ready to unleash a cackle which is similar to a crows

In a 2014 photo Hillary gets ready to unleash a trademark cackle. In 1991 her famous ‘cackle’ was used as a sound over dub in a stage production of The Wizard of Oz.


While beltway pundits and reporters are upset that Hillary Clinton has been MIA when it comes to answering questions they would like to ask the presidential contender, most Americans are more than relieved that the former First Lady has decided to just zip it. According to a recent survey, nearly all Americans hope Mrs. Clinton shuts her trap for the entire course of her campaign.

As Americans go about their lives, working and raising families, they say they are just too exhausted to also have to deal with the mental gymnastics that dealing with Hillary’s remarks requires them to do. Constantly having your intelligence insulted can be exhausting for anyone.

Becky Snyder, a Hillary supporter, told us, “I’m voting for Hillary in 2016 but even I appreciate her current hibernation. It wouldn’t matter to me what she said because I’m voting for her just because she’s a woman, so why waste my time having to listen to anything she has to say when I could spend that time watching my favorite TV shows, right?”

Dan Porcaro, a conservative college student, said, “Whenever Hillary opens her mouth, what comes out forces me to suspend my belief system, stretch the truth, discern the little lies of omission from the big, glaring lies, and mentally struggle with the question of ‘how is this woman not in prison?’ It’s exhausting, so I appreciate the fact that she’s sparing us her gum flapping.”

And then there’s that cackle. Her deflecting laugh designed to minimize the seriousness of any charge against her. Yes, a grateful nation thanks Mrs. Clinton for playing hide-and-seek with us, but we just have one question……..Why can’t it last forever? #OhHillNo

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