South Carolina Woman Almost Fooled by Hillary’s Fake Southern Accent

by on 28/05/15 at 5:45 pm

Stacey was so happy to hear Hillary to be able to see Hillary in person, she actually stopped sweating for almost an hour.

Stacey was so happy to be able to see Hillary in person, she actually stopped sweating for almost an hour.


During a campaign stop today, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton broke out her southern twang in a sad attempt to seem more relatable to the local folk. Many eyes rolled when she began using the accent, embarrassed that the former first lady actually thinks the tactic works in winning voters to her side. But one woman almost fell for it.

Stacey Richter, a mother of three, made it to the rally and was initially pulled in by the performance. “I’m what you call one of those ‘low-information’ voters. I don’t really pay attention to politics but thought this was too good of an opportunity to pass up. So I asked off from work and here I am! When Hillary started talking in that accent, I just about melted. ‘She’s just like me!’ was my first thought, and I immediately felt a kinship with her. I’ve always heard she’s a bit of a hillbilly anyway so, who knows, we might even be related somehow!” Stacey said, laughing. “But then I heard some other folks in the audience making note of the fact that she was just faking her accent. It was like a knife in my gut. I wanted to believe her so much!”

“I don’t know what some of these words like “corruption” means that people associate with her, but it sure would make me sleep better at night just knowing there was a woman in the White House, regardless of who she is.” When Mrs. Richter was reminded there was a woman on the republican side also running for president, she asked, “Can she speak in a southern accent too?”

The South Carolina stop is the latest on the Clinton Pandering Tour, which will see a number of fake accents and dialects employed by Mrs. Clinton in her attempt to appeal to the country’s lowest common denominators, uh, we mean voters. Excitement is building in Arizona where Democrats are looking forward to hearing Hillary speak in Nahuatl, the native language of the Hopi Indian, on her next visit to their state.

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