Hillary Pledges to Defund Planned Parenthood During Campaign Stop

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The sdame staffer made an error the night before when he held up a cue card that said...'Here's one that got away!" Instead of saying..."With little voters like this one I have some sway."

The same dyslectic staffer made an error the night before when he held up a cue card that read…’Here’s one that got away!” Instead of saying…”With little voters like this one I still have some sway.”

NEW HAMPSHIRE – (satireworld.com)

A Clinton campaign aide has been fired after holding up a cue card that contained an error for Mrs. Clinton during a rally in this state today. The sign read “I will Defund Planned Parenthood!” and the sign was supposed to say “defend,” not “defund.” Clinton campaign workers have not been known for winning many academic scholarships.

The campaign staffer was in the first few rows at today’s event and held up the sign to remind Mrs. Clinton to throw some red meat to the crowd by mentioning her continued support for the abortion mill. Like most politicians, Mrs. Clinton just read the sign and kept going, not giving much thought to what she was actually saying. As she continued strolling across the stage with her mic, a chorus of boos from the crowd grew louder.

A confused Hillary looked over at Huma, wondering what was wrong. The Weiner Wife ran over and pointed out the sign with the error and Hillary quickly corrected her message to the crowd. “Obviously, I’m for the continuing harvesting of baby organs for profit. And unscrupulous medical personnel should be able to get whatever prices they can get for those organs at the black market going rates. The right to exterminate babies, especially minority babies, must not be infringed upon!” The crowd cheered enthusiastically.

The rest of the poorly attended event went without incident. But Hillary did address the incident afterwards. “That’s the kind of thing that can’t happen. I can assure you that the person who made that sign has been publicly embarrassed in front of my entire campaign team before being fired in front of everybody. The best job they will be able to get after this will be behind the counter, taking my order the next time I’m in Chipotle. And there will be no tip this time either!”

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