Republicans File Paperwork With FEC to Put Biden on Democratic Ballots in 2016

by on 21/08/15 at 5:50 pm

It's just Joe being crazy Uncle Joe!

It’s just Joe being crazy Uncle Joe!


Giving Vice-President Joe Biden the push he needs to make his decision official that he will seek the presidency on the Democratic ticket next year, Republican voters filed the necessary paperwork with the Federal Election Commission for him. Biden will surely throw a monkey wrench into Hillary Clinton’s previously planned coronation.

On the line on the form that asked for the reason for filing, Republicans wrote “For unparalleled comedic value.” Billy Tucker, one of the Republicans who filed the forms told us, “It would be a crime for crazy Uncle Joe to not be involved in this election circus. We wanted to watch the Democratic side be a bunch of old, white people fighting it out, with O’Malley snapping at their heels. It’s going to be so fun to watch.”

Head of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, announced the Democratic primary will be sponsored by Geritol. Also, a documentary crew will follow the candidates around until the Democratic convention next year to record all the insanity. The movie will be called Grumpy Old Politicians.

With the Democratic National Convention taking place in Philadelphia next year, Schultz has also stated that rather than crowning their nominee using votes from delegates, the nominee will be the one who survives all the gaffes, scandals, groping, and possible indictments, and makes it first to the top of the steps and the Rocky statue, outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Republicans know the comedy that will come from a Biden/Hillary/Sanders slugfest will take the nation’s attention away from the mudslinging going on in the Republican Party between the establishment, or RINO’s (Republican In Name Only), and conservatives.

Mrs. Clinton may have thought she could outsmart everyone, using her secret email server to cover up secrets about her Foundation kickbacks, mistakes in Benghazi, and mishandling of top secret material. She would prefer to keep things quiet. So let’s see how she handles someone who can’t keep his big mouth shut. Good luck wiping Joe Biden clean, Hillary!

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