“Trans-Biden” Says He’ll Crossdress If It Will Help Win Over Democrat Women

by on 31/08/15 at 6:11 pm

Joe started with a full facial and some more hair transplant plugs.

Joe started with a full facial and some additional hair transplant plugs.

WASHINGTON D.C. – (satireworld.com)

Vice-President Joe Biden has told members of his presidential exploratory team that he is willing to take up crossdressing if it will help him win over the female Democrat voting bloc from competitor Hillary Clinton. In fact, Biden says that, at age 72, he still hasn’t ruled out the option of undergoing gender reassignment surgery to get the job done.

While he hasn’t made a formal announcement one way or the other yet, Biden told his team he is fully aware of how important electing the first female president is to the Democratic Party, and he’s willing to pull out all the stops to give them that – should he decide to run in 2016.

“According to what I see in the media, all the hip kids these days are transgender anyway, right?” Biden said. “I mean, it’s a big majority that have switched sexes from what I understand. So if I decide to run, I think it would only be prudent if I nailed down the female, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans-queer vote. I don’t see how any candidate can win the White House without them these days.”

Biden admitted he has already been fitted for several different dress styles, including one or two smart pantsuits. He admits it will take a little time getting used to walking in heels, but feels the discomfort will be worth it if he wins. The news is said to have shaken the Clinton campaign immensely and they are scrambling for a way to counter the Biden strategy.

The immediate idea was for Mrs. Clinton to think about switching sexes herself but focus groups showed that some think Hillary is already a man, while others thought she was an android due to her robotic speaking manner.

Good luck, Joe. Or should we say, Josie?

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  1. Bargis

    Aug 31st, 2015

    Atta-boy Joe…Make them squeal!

  2. Philbert of Macadamia

    Aug 31st, 2015

    Does this mean the Democrats running Josie as their presidential candidate might win by a RCH?

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