Trump Aims to Restructure Branches of Government

by on 21/12/15 at 4:01 pm

In France, they had a cure for poor media relations

In France, they had a cure for poor media relations


Speaking from his luxury Trump Tower office this week, Donald Trump promised supporters that, if elected, he would restructure the American government system to bring it more in line with what our Founding Fathers envisioned. Today’s government is nothing like the one that made America the strong nation it once was.

As all public high school and recent college graduates know, our government consists of four main branches: The Presidency, Supreme Court, Congress, and the Media. The president makes the law, the Supreme Court rewrites the law, Congress meets a few days each year, and the Media is the public relations firm for the Democrat Party. Congress used to operate as a two-party system, but have since merged to become one Democrat Party, designed to screw the American people.

Despite overwhelming victories in recent years by what once used to be the Republican Party, today’s Congress is run by House Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid. Representative Paul Ryan (D-WI) recently won a contest whereby he gets to hold an over-sized gavel but, other than that, he holds no real authority other than to give the president whatever he wishes.

Trump says he remembers when America was a constitutional republic, before it became a monarchy. “We have a guy who thinks he’s a king, and these idiots in Congress, who the people sent to Washington to stand up to the king, are so afraid of the Media accusing them of shutting down the government that they are paralyzed by fear, and they’re worthless. You know, and I know, that I’m the only one who can come in and fix this crap. Let’s get it done!”

America can only function again if it is returned to its former system of checks and balances, with equal branches of government. And get rid of the Media one, who needs it?

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