OMFG! Chelsea’s Baby Boy Is A Republican!

by on 18/06/16 at 5:50 pm

Baby Clinton left a trail of soiled diapers

Baby Clinton left a trail of soiled diapers

New York – (

“The seven pounder was born with a VOTE TRUMP!** birthmark on his temple,” an obstetrician at New York’s Seedy Sign-Eye Hospital tweeted today as a pics of Chelsea Clinton’s latest farrowing went viral on the net.

Aidan (as in ‘and abettin’) Clinton Mezvinsky emerged bang on time from his mother’s loins at Upper East Side’s premier maternity joint despite earlier amniotic fluid tests flagging up some special challenges – such as ‘hopefully at least 50% human’.

Officially, the brat is Clinton’s second and bears a strong physical resemblance to his hedge fund father Mark, himself a fairly good looking guy who has sworn blind that he married Chelsea ‘because of her stunning good looks’, gulp.

The astrologically-aligned C-Section parturition was chosen by the happy couple to coincide with a strong Uranus transit of their matrimonial second house of Walls Street moolah which sits close to mom Hillary Clinton’s personal ascendant.

Commenting on the event Our-Man-At-The-Birthing-Stool said, ‘everything’s auspicious as far as I can tell’ as proud grandparents Bill N Hill arrived at the maternity wing for the post-placental photo-op.

Click right HERE to see webcam footage of Aidan emerging from his Mommy’s tummy with that GOP campaigning slogan writ large across his face.

**. TO be fair the lettering is a bit dull and might possibly read FRUMP. Or STRUMP-ET. Ed.

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  1. Philbert of Macadamia

    Jun 18th, 2016

    Can’t blame the Transgressions of the grandparents on the kid!

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