See No Weevil, Hear No Weevil As FBI Chief Shrugs Off Clinton Server Bug Report

by on 05/07/16 at 2:37 pm

Hillary just laughs it off for the media...."Of course I'm untouchable!" Bill Clinton confirmed that years ago.

Hillary just laughs it off for the media….”Of course I’m untouchable!”
Bill Clinton confirmed that years ago.

Obama photographed driving Hillary around Charlotte, NC

Obama photographed driving Hillary around Charlotte, NC

New York, NY – (

Computer buggers who harvested classified emails from Hillary Clinton’s highly illicit private server may have sucked up some huge unauthorized privileges – but so the f*** what?

That’s the gist of the FBI statement today as Dem presidential wannabe Hillary got off scutt – uh, Scott! – free over the running of a private cyber-fiefdom during her four year tenure as the US Secretary of Snakes.

James Comey’s feeble slap on the wrist this morning came as yet more Top Secret messages signed off by Clinton appeared on North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-Un’s FarceBook page.

Entries seen by reporters show photos of rampant coke-fueled snorting orgies aboard United Snakes ScareForceOne involving Clinton, Homeland Security’s chief entomologist (or classified bug catcher) and pals of Gareth Williams, the Brit MI6 cryptologist whose naked, trussed up body was found in a NorthKoreaFace holdall at a London safe-house in August 2010. He was 69.

Commenting on the day’s debacle a Hillary staffer said this evening, “No flies on me in this email buggery story.”

The lesser-spotted straight-snouted laptop-burrowing weevil is native to Chappaqua, New York.

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  1. Bargis

    Jul 5th, 2016


  2. O'Leg Pee

    Jul 5th, 2016

    And what about her Dark Web trolling, eh?

  3. Philbert of Macadamia

    Jul 5th, 2016

    A government or contractor employee would be sent to a federal prison for mishandling/releasing TOP SECRET material and lose his/her security clearance forever.

  4. O'Leg Pee

    Jul 7th, 2016


    “Donald Trump likened Hillary Clinton to a squashed bug during his campaign speech in Cincinnati on Wednesday night.

    The Republican nominee was partway through his animated address to a crowd of thousands when he spotted the insect landing on his podium.

    After raising his hand to squash it, Trump remarks that he ‘hates mosquitoes, never liked them’ before comparing the dead insect to the Democrat.”

    Read more:

  5. Philbert of Macadamia

    Jul 7th, 2016

    Species: Demoshitis Clintonis!

  6. O'Leg Pee

    Jul 7th, 2016

    You can add perjury to the list of her accomplishments:

    ‘Not true.’ FBI boss admits Hillary Clinton’s claims about secret server made under oath were NOT the truth – and claim she turned over ALL her work emails was also a lie

    South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy quizzed FBI Director James Comey about Hillary Clinton’s email-related statements

    Comey confirmed that several of her contentions were false

    Bruising hearing took place Thursday in the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee

    Gowdy, a former prosecutor, made a case that Clinton’s pattern of false statements indicated an intent to hide criminal conduct

    Read more:

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