Hillary Clinton Likened To ‘Sadistic Mental Health Nurse’ by Brits’ Newly-Appointed John Kerry Counterpart

by on 14/07/16 at 4:03 pm

Hillary has always commented on the 'great times in London' to staffers.

Much to Bill’s surprise, Hillary has always commented on the ‘great times in London’ to staffers.

London, UK – (SatireWorld.com)

Not content with lampooning Turkey’s daft-as-a-brush misogynist president Recep Tayib Erdogan as a con-genital (sick) goat fucker, newly appointed UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has described Democrat Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as resembling a ‘sadistic mental health nurse’.

“It’s a sort-of compliment,” a Foreign Orifice spokesperson explained, “dating back to cold whore daze when it was considered the ultimate accolade for aspiring politicians of all genders. Including polymorphous perverse candidates like Hillary Clinton.”

The comparison follows Johnson’s historic triumph in the prestigious 2007 Nobel Poetry Piss Prize which he won with an acclaimed ditty about the Turkish prez detailing various intimate revelations about Erdogan’s Sharia Law marriage to a local flea-ridden, sclerotic nanny goat.

Johnson, a well-known British former chat show host and two-term Mayor of London, likened Mrs Clinton to Nurse Diesel, the BDSM-loving psycho nurse in Mel Brooks’ movie High Anxiety.

The comparison has won him accolades on both sides of The Pond in the week when newly-crowned UK ice maiden Prime Minister Theresa May famously booted out incumbent Brit PM David Cameron from orifice – as well as a dozen of his Clinton-fellating cabinet compatriots.

One casualty of May’s ruthless cull is UK Chancellor of the Exchequer ‘Gorgeous’ George Osborne who is rumored to have regularly powdered Hillary’s nose during her numerous London sleep-overs as US Secretary of Snakes.

John Kerry’s podiatrist is six foot too.

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