‘Grand Theft Election’….It’s The Same Old Game For Democrats

by on 25/10/16 at 5:31 pm

Fernando Monte Verde a.k.a ‘The World’s Most Interesting Man,’and avid yachtsman, says he thinks Hillary would best be suited working as a second-mate on the Staten Island Ferry….”In due time the ferry would just putter along in an endless circle and never go anywhere.”

Fernando Monte Verde a.k.a ‘The World’s Most Interesting Man,’and avid yachtsman, says he thinks Hillary would best be suited working as a second-mate on the Staten Island Ferry….”In due time the ferry would just putter along in an endless circle and never go anywhere.”

Miami, FL – (SatireWorld.com)

The closet geeks inside the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign are besides themselves with the success of their latest video game conceived in the back rooms of Chicago machine politicians, and financed by shady unions, off shore untraceable ‘donations’ and the financial web of the inscrutable George Soros. ‘Grand Theft Election’, now available at a polling place near you!

In point of fact, it was the first financial investment Hillary made with other people’s money that actually showed a positive return after a long stream of losers using taxpayer’s money.

As in any action game there is a long list of villains, but in the case of ‘Grand Theft Election’ they are all portrayed as heros and heroines that the player can call on at will by just pressing a button. Just call them the president’s personal “Drones.”

They circle endlessly in cyber space until campaign head Podestra (sic) pushes his Play Station button and they suddenly drop an indiscriminate ‘bomb’ to obliterate the ‘enemy’, damn the collateral damage including friends, family members, and hard working honest Americans.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz comes to mind. Her irrational appearances on national TV would have been an embarrassment to any party who hadn’t been conceived in the bowels of ‘The Chicago Way’ as she bold faced lied about Israel’s fear of Trump, the patriotic and accomplished Alan West, and the death knell of women if the Republican party came into power.

There’s was the nuclear Bill Clinton who stared into the camera at rally after rally proclaiming only the Democrats respected women, intoning, “Do you really want a President that would lie to you!” You really can’t make it up.

Campaign info-whore Elizabeth Warren had her button pushed and was right on target with her bomb when she claimed Trump was a ‘felon’ who didn’t pay his taxes, and because of tax revelations that just had to be corrupt, was responsible for thousands of innocent women coming out to debase Trump as a serial groper.

Ex-Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, a Mormon himself, and former head of the Las Vegas Gaming Commission (!) who has yet to show his tax returns and explain dubious windfall profits from shady real estate deals, said Trump was a ‘disgrace’ to the Mormon Faith even thought Trump is not a Mormon.

Being a faithful husband, a charitable giver, good family man and successful innovator for business are not considered electable qualities in the Democratic Party.

Then there’s the straw men used so successfully in Massachusetts. They used one such ‘Drone’ who split the vote to get Obama ‘Clone’ ‘Cadillac’ Deval Patrick into the Governor’s office.

This time they dug up a ‘Libertarian” who garnered 17,000 votes which enabled a tainted incumbent whose wife did time for laundering hundreds of thousands from her brother’s off shore gambling scheme, and got paid for it, to get re elected by 3,000 votes.

Of course there was the army of SEIU employees unleashed all over the country by their socialist leaning leaders to punch the Dem ticket and intimidate others of their nationality or ethnic background to keep the gravy train flowing.

Then there was the horde of dubious ‘journalists’ that never had a good word for Donald Trump, but went out of their way not to discuss any of the simmering scandals leading directly to the White House and the hands of Valerie Jarrett, the woman who pulled the President’s strings as he never learned how to lead, manage, or make a decision in his rise to affirmative action prominence.

Bill Mahler was despicable, Chris Matthews was deranged, and the info babes on CNBC, CNN and the like were obviously willing to do a ‘Lewinsky’ to get Hillary elected. Call it the Clinton Syndrome or ‘under the desk’ infatuation.

Thanks to the election results, Anthony Weiner was back on TV hinting he might just run again for Mayor of NYC now that De Blasio showed HIS to the citizens of NY who are still waiting for water, gas and electricity in the after math of Hurricane Matthew. With the results in it only proves that
‘weiner wagging’ is no longer objectionable, especially since Hillary can be ‘more flexible’ if she wins…

A. Weiner for Mayor! Huma, Huma, Huma!

The Democratic Party: its the party that just keeps giving. With other people’s money. Alan Grayson knows after getting out the Puerto Rican vote in his new voting district!

With the results tabulated, everyday will be Christmas for the next four years. The Dems don’t believe in Christ, but they don’t mind taking the gifts founded in His Name!

Back in Chicago, amidst the neighborhood gunfire and drive by killings they’re singing:

Santa Santa he’s our man
If he can’t provide Hillary can!

On David, On Debbie, on Harry and Henry,
you go Nancy and Diane, keep up
with Jackson, Sharpton and Clinton!

He swooped into chimneys their pay offs to deliver,
and when he was done, he was heard to shout,
to all of my minions, too many to count,
all I can say is “It was a great big F****g night!

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