20,000 Year Old Spoof/Satire Story Discovered On Cave Wall In France

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One particular favorite amongst the French shows a hunter gatherer hunting for dinner. The next frame shows he brought back an animal in his cart, only to find, it's too big to fit into his wife's stew pot, followed by a frame of the hunter retreating after being clubbed repeatedly by his angry wife.

Cirque d'Estre, France – (SatireWorld.com)

On Sunday, December 18, 1994, Jean-Marie Chauvet led his two friends, Brunel and Hillaire, on the Cirque d'Estre toward the far off cliffs. A slight draft of cool air emanating from a small opening at the end of a small cave attracted his attention on a previous trip, and he now wanted to satisfy his curiosity once and for all.

All three had a passion for cave exploration. The small cavity into which they penetrated was already known to others. But there, behind the fallen rocks, they were sure there was something more…They dug a passage, crawled through it, and soon found themselves at the edge of an obscure shaft.

Inside were hundreds of cave paintings done primitively in ochre and charcoal. One in particular struck them as fascinating.

In the pale touchlight, it plainly showed a large dinosaur being purposely tripped by a blonde-headed cave woman who was hiding behind a rock while sticking her fur encased foot out in the pathway of the dinosaur.

The dinosaur had a puzzled look upon its face as it tumbled forward, the blond cave woman was holding her sides, and had a toothless smile depicting devilish pleasure.

The next frame shows a small mammal-like animal pushing a rock over a ledge that lands on the blonde's head. In this frame the mammal-like creature is smiling and the dinosaur is shown on his back laughing while holding his belly.

The last frame shows a pile of what appears to be bones with a detailed explantion chalked out…Many think the bone pile is being referred to as 'funny bones'.

The discoverers believe they have found the first evidence of a Spoof Cartoon and it has become a favorite among the French. Long known as the world’s only country that still loves and buys, vintage American commedian Jerry Lewis recordings, tapes, and CDs, the rather silly cave drawings have become a big cultural hit.

In certain circles, the caves drawings are played out in cafes and restaurants using hand movements, and from a far, it is easy to see who’s communicating the cave drawing punchline by watching various hand movements and the inevitable laughter that soon follows.

Yes……The French do love their history.

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  1. Captain america

    Feb 26th, 2012

    …..Nothing like the French who tell a funny story at a snail’s pace…

    …wonder what they’d draw if they’d seen Steve Martin, Joe Biden,
    and Alex Baldwin…

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