Date Night With Caitlin Jenner and Chaz Bono!

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Jenner says the first date will be a hot one for Chaz who hasn't been laid since 2008.

Jenner promises the first date will be a real hot one for unlucky Chaz who hasn’t been laid since 2008.

Chaz Bono's life long fetish is to become a Barney Rubble look-a-like and drive an 18 wheeler.

Chaz Bono’s life long fetish has been to become a Barney Rubble look-a-like, smell like crap, and drive an 18 wheeler.

Hollywoodie, CA – (

This is getting a little confusing out in Hollywood-land with ‘he’s’ turning into ‘she’s’ and ‘she’s’ becoming ‘he’s’ with a transgender boom that’s confusing people and driving tradition dating roles obsolete.

Two of Hollywood’s most popular transgender people are Chaz Bono and now, Caitlin Jenner. Both have talked about the lonely road to where they are now and the difficulties in accepting the role reversal that has haunted each for a lifetime.

“I hated playing with dolls, “says Chaz Bono who was raised as Cher’s daughter. “I was always looking up my Barbie doll’s skirts and pretending I was a guy.”

On the other hand, Caitlin Jenner faked her ‘period’ in 8th grade and on weekends wanted to have his buddies over for a tea party but his folks wouldn’t allow it claims Jenner in a discussion with Vanity Fair magazine.

Today they are cautiously dating and drawing on the support of some of Hollywood’s most notorious dingbats. Especially those who’ll support anything that draws attention away from their own ridiculously extravagant and opulent lifestyle of excesses and debauchery.

We’ll keep you posted on future developments. Especially if both Caitlin and Chaz figure out how to have sex without being sexist.

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    You hit it right on the nail! The world has gone BONKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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