Pentagon To Repeal Ban on Transgender Troops

by on 26/06/16 at 7:10 am

A US Army Ranger stgands guard at the Black Mountain nuclear weapons storage facility in Montana

A US Special Forces NCO from the .05 Percent Brigade stands guard at the Black Mountain nuclear weapons storage facility in Montana.

Washington, DC – (

Men who pretend they are women, and women who pretend they are men, will be able to serve openly in America’s military services as early as next week.

The Pentagon will officially announce its repeal of a ban on transgender troops on July 1. That’s the Friday which marks the beginning of the Fourth of July weekend, says Bargis Tryhol editor at satireworld.

The planned repeal comes five years after U.S. defense officials rescinded a ban on openly gay and lesbian service members which has caused rippling laughter from our enemies and a renewed effort to attack our forces across the globe.

The transgender repeal will be in effect immediately once it is announced. However, the various branches of the newly transgender-welcoming U.S. military will need to change many policies like housing, bathrooms, showering facilities for example, obviously in order to come into compliance with the new rule.

At his recent press conference President Obama outlined his vision of a gender neutral military but declined to answer questions about integrating trans-gendered agents into his on Secret Service detail.

Sadly, military generals and admirals are staying silent on this issue instead of voicing their concerns over the morale issues plaguing the entire military who’s main focus should be fighting our enemies and protecting American lives instead of performing ‘social justice’ enforcement over an issue that effects just.05% of the population.

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